Scabs on incision line after 31 day's post op Tummy Tuck. Is this normal?

Is this normal?  I have a few spots that have scabs on my incision line.  One of them....Directly below my belly button (where I'm swollen the most) will still leak the tiniest drop of blood.  It doesn't flow out...but I will put a bandaid on it so that I can see how much it "leaks" at one time.  Keep in mind, it is like a drop...but I figured I would not be leaking ANYTHING at 31 days post op.

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Healing after a tummy tuck

Thanks for sharing your question.

Tummy tuck surgery generally involves a lengthy incision with tension on the closure to provide a nice firm and flat tummy.  When you put tension on things that can lead to areas which may heal slowly.  In general this is OK and with time and appropriate attention to the area the incisions heal very nicely.

Make sure to follow up with your plastic surgeon and address your concern.  They should give you good recommendations on how to care for the area. 

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Delayed healing after a tummy tuck

Slow healing of the incision lines after a tummy tuck is not uncommon.  The area to the incision line directly below the belly button is usually the area with the poorest blood flow after the procedure and often the area that will have slow healing if it occurs.  If there is no redness to the skin or thick yellow drainage from the sites, these areas should heal with time.  Make sure you speak with your surgeon. 

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Tummy tuck

This could represent a number of things but could be as simple as a suture that has not dissolved.  I am sure your surgeon wants to remedy  this so please contact them.

Scabs along abdominoplasty incision

Dear fitgirlwithatummy,

Having a small amount of scabbing along your incision at 4 weeks out is to be expected. Somtimes patients can have some residual scabs up to 6 weeks post op. If you are concerned about the area you should check in with your operating surgeon so that they can confirm that you are healing at the right pace. Good luck!

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Slow healing tt at a month

A tummy tuck incision just below he umbilicus is the area with the most tenuous blood supply.  It is not at all uncommon for slow healing to occur in this area.

As long as there is no infection you are OK.  Next visit with your doctor, bring it up, ask him directly and politely about it, what to expect, what needs to be done if anything.  Ask if there is a stitch in there that needs to be removed, or will time take care of it.

Likely, time will do the job.

Best to you.

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Scabs on incision line after 31 day's post op Tummy Tuck. Is this normal?

Congratulations on having undergone the tummy tuck procedure. What you are describing can occur after tummy tuck surgery;  your description does not sound concerning  at all. Continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon for the best advice and/or reassurance. Best wishes.

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