How Long After Accutane Can I Get IPL? Is 8 Months Ok?

I eventually was on 60mg for 6 months (started on 20mg and built my way up). I am now off Accutane for 8 months. Is IPL ok to have done now? Thank you!

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IPL after Accutane

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You would definitely be safe after waiting 8 months after finishing a course of Accutane to have IPL. Best to speak with your treating dermatologist whenever you have such questions. I would typically wait 3 months after a course of Accutane just to be safe. ~Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

IPL and Accutane

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The FDA recommends that you not do any elective cosmetic procedures for a minimum of 6 months after Accutane. Thus, based on that I'd say you are just fine. In reality, Accutane is out of your system within 48 hours, so I do treatments safely on patients while they are on Accutane regimens, but that is me, and not all physicians follow this idea. So, yes, after 8 months, you are fine to do IPL.

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