Washing hair after FUE transplant

I will keep this short I had my FUE transplant on the 16th of jan I went in the day after for the follow up by the doctor today I washed my hair for the first time, applied lotion for 35-40 mins than applied shampoo mixed with water in a bottle. To ease the drying I gently patted my hair with a towel is this the right process as I've read mixed opinions. I'm just worried I don't knock the grafts out! Thank you

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When to wash after an FUE hair transplant

I think the when depends on whether you had Acell applied to the donor area or PRP with or without Acell to the recipient area.  If you had Acell and PRP, wait 48 hours.  If not, you can wash the next day.  The key is to avoid dislodging the grafts when you wash.  You also must realize that blood vessels are growing back to the grafts over the first 4 to 6 days so you want to be as gentle as possible.  In other words, don't move the graft so much that you break this early, delicate connection.  

You have not lost a graft unless you see bleeding the day after surgery when you wash. If you see bleeding, this is a sign that you dislodged a graft.  If there is not bleeding, you did not dislodge a graft.  Still, for the first week you want to be delicate so that you also do not break the circulation that is forming to the grafted hair follicle.  

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Hair care and washing after a hair transplant

An FUE is treated just like a regular hair transplant with regard to the recipient area, but the donor area has open wounds which require daily washing with soap and water. Within 3 days of surgery, you can resume full activities, heavy exercises if you wish. The recipient area requires daily washes as well to keep the recipient area free of crusts. I generally recommend the use of a sponge and supply my patient with a surgical sponge to fill with soapy water and press on the recipient area daily. By repeating this daily, all crusts can be washed off without any fear of losing grafts. IF any crust are present, use a Q tip and dip it into soapy water, and roll it on the crusts and that will lift them off without dislodging them, but never rub them, just roll the Q tip on the recipient crust. I like to see no evidence of any crusting in the recipient area and the crusts from the donor area gone in 7-10 days with daily washing,.

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Washing post FUE

We have our patients wash their scalp, 48 hours post surgery. We ask them to avoid the shower for 7 -10 days over the recipient area. A mild shampoo, mixed in water, to be gently poured over the treated area, even more gently lathered up and then rinsed off. We ask them to keep the duration to 15 minutes or less.Good luck!

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Washing Hair Post Surgery

This is what I give all my patients in regards to washing hair post surgery:


This is your wash day. Before showering, pour about one fifth of the H&S shampoo (given in your post-op kit) into a cup or mug. Turn the shower on, but do not put your head under the shower. Put the cup under the shower, mixing the shampoo and water 50/50. Then pour this mixture over the grafts. Using the orange side of the surgical sponge (also in the post-op kit), lightly dab the sponge up and down on the grafts. Once the shampoo begins to lather, wash the shampoo out of the cup, and fill the cup up with water. Then rinse the grafts with the water from the cup. Wash the remaining scalp and body as normal. Once out of the shower, do not rub a towel over the grafts, just let them air dry.


Repeat the above showering method each day for one week after surgery. After one week, you can begin to shower as normal.

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What did your doctor say?

Did you express your concern to the doctor after your hair wash?
In general the graft are secure after 1 to 2 weeks to have these type of hair wash.

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Washing hair after hair transplant

There is no consensus amongst hair transplant Doctors or clinics as to how and when to wash after the transplant operation. They will have their own preferred ways and instructions for when to wash your hair after the transplant. The aftercare instructions should be understood well and if not clear, your Doctor would be able to clarify this as this can determine your results. Gentle patting or dabbing with a wet fannel is advised by some Doctors.

The main intention is to avoid dislodging the transplanted hair but also to allow healing of transplanted grafts. Healing takes 1-2 weeks for most people, hence the first few days is usually the easiest to dislodge the grafts.

Some clinics will call in their patients the next day to wash the hair, others will provide a spray and advise gentle wash etc. I avoid this confusion in my patients by advising a 2 week no touch rule, however they get a wash before they leave on the day and use spray hourly only for the first 2 days and get a sponge and shampoo for daily wash by rinsing over the transplanted area for the 2 week post op period. They are also advised to avoid power showers or immersing their head in water. 

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Washing hair after FUE transplant

This is a common question and I always make sure to emphasize the importance of proper washing after hair restoration. I advise my patients to wait three days after washing and then to wash the hair with soapy water via a cup. Shower heads or any harsh water pressure should be avoided for ten days post op to avoid the grafts from popping out and to avoid any damage to the healing area. Lightly and very carefully pat dry the wet area with a clean towel. I hope this information helps and best of luck with your recovery.

John Kahen, MD
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Washing grafts post transplant

There are about 60 ways to shampoo grafts post op - I even have 5 different ways depending on the patient, procedure, current density and hair type. 

All in all, if you have concerns about your grafts be sure to check with your surgeon. He or she can evaluate your grafts and your current washing technique. 

The most common method is a light rinsing with soapy water 12-24 hours post op with light patting with a towel to dry. 

With proper technique, this is unlikely to cause harm or disruption of the grafts. 

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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Post op care after hair transplant

Each doctor may have their own routine for post op care.  But in general you need to wash very gently, with no rubbing for the first seven days. 

Michael Meshkin, MD
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