What are the side effects and complications of Bellafill to uplift atrophic scar? Are the lumps I hear about caused by PMMA?

I am looking to have Bellafill injected into my atrophic nostril scar, the scar is about the surface area of 1cm by 1cm in a fairly circular shape and is indented mainly around the natural nostril line. It is prominent when I flare my nostrils and it hollows in. I know that Bellafill has permanent properties-PMMA which scare me despite it only making up 10% of the syringe. In the long run what happens to this material, because I don't want to be happy for 5 years and then need excision.Thanks

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Depressed scar on nose

Dear jaxxhands:  From what you describe, #Bellafill could be a very good solution to your problem. The PMMA beads are eventually metabolized, and the connective tissue proteins that your fibroblasts produce as a result of the stimulation by PMMA are what provides the long-lasting to permanent correction, still present at 5 years in the most recent study.  In the studies, any nodules that occurred resolved with treatment.  All the best,  Dr. Clark

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Bellafill for Scars

Bellafill is a tremendous filler that will continue to work for you for a long time.  The PMMA you are concerned about consists of tiny little beads each the size of a cell.  The PMMA does make form the lumps I think you are hearing reading about which are actually very uncommon.  The lumps are scar tissue formed by a reaction to the PMMA which, when they occur, usually respond very nicely to injections into the scar with a small amount of steroid.  If your scar is amenable to filler, then Bellafill would likely be a tremendous choice for you.I hope that helps.Best regards.

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