How safe and appropriate are PMMA implants (not fillers) for jaw augmentation?

A surgeon has recommended a custom PMMA implant to augment my jaw.  I have read some cautionary stories about PMMA injectables but have found very little about PMMA implants for this kind of use. Are PMMA implants considered to be safe and suitable for jaw augmentation? Would silicon or another material be a better choice?

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PMMA Jaw Augmentation

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PMMA is a relatively poor choice for jaw augmentation. It is hard to work with, does not adapt to the bone well and is difficult to secure to the bone. Silicone would be a far better choice and has a much more established track history of success.

Jaw Augmentation

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The key to a successful jaw augmentation is the right surgical technique and less so the type of implant. Any implant put in the wrong way will fail. Silicone implants for the jaw area have a very good track record, you just need to find the right surgeon.



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