Can Juvederm ultra 3 have permanent lasting effect on my nose shape due to stretching the dermis?

I am 3 months post-op in having 0.7ml Juvederm ultra 3 injected. I wanted to fix a tiny scar on my nostril but i was overfilled and injected in the wrong places. Now I have filler near the tip, side of my bridge and above my nostril. Can the filler have lasting effect due to stretching the dermis as i have lumps and overfilled areas in parts of my nose which i do not intend to augment. Thank you.

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Filler in nose question

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No, the skin will not stretch after nasal filler. It will all return to where is was after about 6-9 months, maybe longer. Stretched skin has elasticity that springs in back to it's original position.

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Hi and thanks for your question. The filler is not going to stretch your skin - skin bounces back very well after fillers dissolve by themselves or are dissolved with hyaluronidase enzyme injection. I would suggest going to an injector experienced with Non Surgical Rhinoplasty and having them dissolve your lumps with enzyme. Hope that helps.

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