I am concerned about spider veins on my face. I've had treatment previously but nothing seems to work. What are my options?

What is the best treatment for broken veins and spider veins in the face? I have tried vein wave which works at the time but they are back the next day. IPL is slightly better but does not solve the problem.

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Facial vein treatment.

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Facial veins can be treated but they often times require several sessions.  The smaller the vein the more difficult it sometimes is to eradicate.  There are many options including IPL, laser, VeinWave, VeinGogh, sclerotherapy and fine needle radio frequency.  See someone with experience in treating veins in this area.

Naples General Surgeon

Spider veins on my face

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There are multiple options for treating facial spider veins, so the most important thing is to go to an experienced vein specialist, who can evaluate you and determine what will work best in your particular case. There are several lasers which work extremely well on the face, including the 940 diode, the 1064 Nd-Yag, as well as IPL or BBL, and ohmic thermolysis (VeinGogh or Veinwave). Injection sclerotherapy can also be done, although it is rarely necessary on the face. Without an evaluation, it is too difficult to state what would be best for you.

Spider veins on the face

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Often times the nose the most difficult to treat when it comes to veins on the face. Often times that requires using and and the YAG laser (1064nm). Lasers are very effective in removing Raines from really anywhere on the body. Blue purple ones tend to respond to the YAG laser. Fine thread-like ones tend to respond best to KTP laser. I would definitely look at before after photos from the practice you choose to assure consistent results. 

Manu B. Aggarwal, MD
Lima Phlebologist

I am concerned about spider veins on my face. I've had treatment previously but nothing seems to work. What are my options?

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Great question, go to someone very comfortable with veins, there are lots of options,
1. Energy based devices - IPL, Vein Wave etc......if large veins will not work well
2. sclerotherapy - very effective on the face
3. Excision - can be used if needed
good luck!!

Laser for veins on the face

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Without seeing a picture, it's not possible to give specific recommendations.  There are other lasers to look into, including the pulsed dye laser which has long been the gold standard for treating small blood vessels of the face.  The downside to the pulsed dye laser is that it causes bruising afterwards for a few days, but this goes away.  See an experienced laser physician.
Dr. Ort

Treatment of Facial Spider Veins (telangiectasias)

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There are several different options for treatment of facial telangiectasias.  Those options include external laser, VeinGogh/Veinwave, sclerotherapy, and occasionally IPL.   Not every treatment is suitable for every patient. Some of the variables which must be taken into account include size and location of the vein, depth of the vein, and patient skin type.  In our practice, we use external laser, VeinGogh and sclerotherapy as the main treatments types...IPL is not nearly as good (unless treating the tiny veins seen in rosacea).  When in doubt, get a second opinion.

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