Picoway Resolve - REALLY no pain or downtime? What's your experience please? (Photos)

Impressed with the credentials/ results for the Picoway Resolve and the promise of 'no pain, no downtime', I had a patch test -- uncomfortable but not intolerable though it went bright red and itched for days. A laser therapist who saw it in that time said in her opinion it was a burn. Another practitioner said this laser really should be pain free and pain/redness meant the machine was being used wrongly. What's your opinion? Don't to book full face treatment if this clinic is doing it wrongly!

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Pico way and itching

Even the company suggests taking a claritin or benadryl or other anti histamine within 24 hours of the laser procedure.  We usually recommend our patients take benadryl the night before or claritin the day of the procedure.  Almost every patient has mild redness after the procedure.  Some have a few hives or welts that last a few days.  This looks normal to me. We have never burnt anyone with this laser and most people have no downtime and only mild redness that is coverable with make-up.  We use a tinted sunscreen on these patients for a few days.I would have a second test spot, ask them maybe to turn it down a little and try taking an antihistamine prior. 

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