Is a 20% TCA peel safe for black skin used to chemical peels?

I have had many different types of peels of the years and they've never harmed my skin. I recently had a 20% TCA peel at a dermatologist and everything went fine, no burns or scars etc. Is it safe for me to continuing to use 20% TCA peels? I've heard that we shouldn't be using TCAs

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Is a 20% TCA peel safe for black skin used to chemical peels?

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Thanks for your query. TCA 20% peels is a medium depth peel and is more or less safe if done by an experienced person. The side effects generally caused by a peel are burns, Pih. If you have done it already and there had been no side effects then you can undergo the peel but only under medical supervision. High strength tca peels are generally avoided on dark skin. Hope it helps

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1-2 coat 20-25% TCA by qualified specialist

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Yes, at 20-25 % 1-2 coats ... it is relatively safe, especially if you follow after care at home. Do not exceed a 10% at home peel. Dr Davin Lim. 

Chemical Peel Safety--Always see an expert

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Typically chemical peels as strong as 25% TCA are not used on darker skin types due to risks such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), so you may be o.k. with 20%, However I recommend only getting treatments with a cosmetic dermatologist. Also, depending on your desired outcome, there are other options that may give better outcomes without the risk. Best, Dr. Emer

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