TCA Chemical Peel 2 Days Ago On Stomach For Stretch Marks? (photo)

2 days ago i did a 50% TCA peel on my stomach stretch marks. I have done peels in the past with great results. Right now the majority of my stomach is dry, cracked and peeling looking normal but there is a darker red patch that is not doing anything. It is not dry, cracked... It is smooth like my original skin just a bit red and sore. Pictures are more red than they appear in real life. I am afraid i have scarred my skin. I am not doing anything besides washing with soap and water. No creams.

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TCA Chemical Peel 2 Days Ago On Stomach For Stretch Marks?

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Not sure if this was done by a doctor or did you self treat? Either way allow more healing time. If done by a doc than return to see him/her for guidance. 

Do Not Use TCA on the Abdomen

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Using TCA on the abdominal area not a good idea.   Was this done by a physician, spa clinic or did you order it on the internet?  Serious scarring may result from the ill advised use of this acid.  Never use  TCA on the body and it should only be applied by an experienced physician on the face.  I would not expect any type of chemical peel to make stretch marks better.  At this point you need to see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon and be started on a steroid cream. 

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