2nd Tca Cross Treatment It's Been Almost 2 Weeks and Scars Are Still There Will They Continue to Improve More?

I just had my second treatment of tca cross done, two weeks this Friday I've had more improvement but there still there! will I continue to see improvement and for up to how long? I heard that the most improvement is the first 2 weeks is that true?

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Best results seen 2-4 months after TCA CROSS

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You will continue to see results from TCA CROSS, however it may take several treatments, and over many months. It is NOT a miracle treatment, but an excellent treatment for deep ice pick scars, and also Box Car Scarring. In darker skin types, PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is common, but this resolves within a few months. 


Dr Davin S. Lim 
Consultant Dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia

TCA CROSS Technique Works Well For Ice Pick Scars and Dilated Pores

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The TCA Cross Technique (which strands for Chemical Reconstruction Of Skin Scars) is an excellent method for treating ice pick acne scars, a kind of scar, which owing to its depth and narrowness is typically quite difficult to nonsurgically treat otherwise. CROSS involves the deep placement of TCA 100% solution, using a narrow needle or toothpick, within the ice pick scar. The intent is to cause a brisk reaction that leads to inflammation and ultimately closure of the scar as new collagen formation is promoted in the treated area. The same technique may be used for very dilated, patulous pores. (For other kinds of acne scars, the Punctuated Phenol Peel might be more appropriate).

Immediately following application, treated areas turn stark white and then may ooze and crust over the next couple of days. Healing areas may resemble scratched pimples.

In general a series of treatments is usually required to achieve best results. I prefer a minimum of four to six weeks between treatments to allow for maximum healing and new collagen formation. 

It is important to note that it is not uncommon for the scar to widen and deepen after treatment with this method. This can be quite disconcerting if one is not warned of this in advance. In time, generally over several months, the depressions elevate and the results tend to be quite gratifying.

Consultation with a board certified dermatologist experienced with all available acne scar therapies is essential to ensure that the right procedure is selected for the acne scars present.


Nelson Lee Novick, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 33 reviews

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