Is It Okay to Do Liver Cleanse While Taking Accutane?

After 1 month of taking accutane, my blood test was a little high for my liver. I've been trying to drink beet juice every day to help nourish my liver. I'm thinking of trying this olive oil with lemon juice cleanse I read on the internet. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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Liver cleanse and Accutane

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Please don't do anything. Your liver functions will bounce back to their normal rates very quickly after you finish your Accutane course. You don't need to do anything to cleanse your liver while on Accutane. Stop drinking the beet juice and no, don't do the olive oil lemon juice cleanse. Just finish your Accutane course and then have another blood test a few months later.

While on Accutane, avoid anything that places additional burden on liver

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During and 1 month after Accutane for acne, it is important that patients avoid anything that has potential to burden the liver, including oral Tylenol, alcohol, consumption, most vitamin and supplements. In addition, baseline and monthly (at least for first few months) liver function test, lipid profile, CBC should be obtained.

William Ting, MD
Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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