How Do You Correct Too Much Fat Removed During Neck Lift

If you had too much fat removed from submental liposuction and it caused your muscle bands to show and indentations how would you go about correcting this problem? If you are a PS what would you recommend to fix something like this and what sort of reasonable expectations should a person have in terms of having a normal looking neck again? I am scared and upset so any insight would be appreciated.

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Repeat Platysmal Band Tightening for Correction of Neck Liposuction

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Correction of the described problem can be addressed in several different ways.  Specifically it is important to really get an anatomical evaluation and overall sense of what the underlying issues are.  It is not an uncommon problem/complication to have “too much fat removed in the neck area” as liposuction is a component of facelift surgery commonly.  But also residual band laxity is also not too uncommon.  Bands are the platysmal muscle bands that can remain lax after surgery. 

A number of treatments are available including repeat platysmal band tightening.  This will often times resolve the problem by itself.  Other supplemental treatments include fat injections as needed if there is significant contour deformity.  This procedure is less common than a simple platysmal muscle repeat tightening.  Nonetheless this area can be addressed commonly and long term permanent problems is something not seen too often.

Neck liposuction and linear bands

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your photographs appear consistent with liposuction that was done only a few weeks ago, possibly slightly longer, but much improvement might be obtained in the next several months.  External ultrasound and massage may help soften and smoothen the tissue. It is impossible to diagnose over resected fat without an examination in person. Continue to followup with your surgeon and ask what treatments can be offered to expedite the resolution of what might be a temporary situation.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Excessive Neck Liposuction

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Removal of too much fat can lead to exposure of the platysma muscles and cause the unnatural look visible in the photos. Correcting this problem can be difficult, but is possible. Ultrasound or massage of the neck muscles can be helpful in many cases to loosen tight tissue. If this is unsuccessful, fat can be transfered from elsewhere in the body and reinserted into the neck to correct this problem. I recommend that you take your concerns to your plastic surgeon and discuss with him what options he or she has available to correct the problem. If he cannot help you, he could suggest someone that may be able to help.

Temp Patterson, MD
Burley Facial Plastic Surgeon

Neck Lift Video: Neck lift then possibly fat grafting could help this

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This can happen when you over aggressively defat the neck in hopes of lifting the neck.  As you can see the muscle is contributing to the neck being lax.  A neck lift will tighten the area and allow the skin to contour the new shape underneath. You may still need fat grafting in the neck at a later point in time. But this can be improved.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

How Do You Correct Too Much Fat Removed During Neck Lift

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The neck should be allowed to heal completely about 9-12 months. Meanwhile, messaging and ultra sound treatments should help smooth some of the irregularities. Fat transfer is unpredicatable in the neck and can lead to lumps.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

You have fibrosis and not "excessive fat removal".

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From your photos it looks like you have fibrosis of the tissue which has gathered together in bands.  It does NOT look like excessive resection.

This is fairly common after submental liposuction, especially where laser or ultrasound energy is used.  It can be prominent if compression or head position was not maintained properly.

Usually massage and time will help improve this.  Talk with your plastic surgeon to get instructions regarding proper massage techniques.

Skin pleats and irregularities after fat removal in neck

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From your photos, it appears that the fat was taken in an irregular pattern and the resulting scar tissue has created pleats and indentations in the skin. The best solution for this, IMHO, would be a formal Neck Lift where the skin is lifting up across the entire neck, the Platysma muscle is tightened and excess skin is removed. This procedure will allow direct visualization of the lumps and bumps, under the skin, and allow direct manipulation of these to create a smoother contour. If you had some type of Neck Lift with the fat removal, I'd want to be certain enough time had elapsed between these surgeries to re-establish the blood supply to the neck skin.

Treatment of neck after "too much fat removal" with facelift.

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Treatment of neck after "too much fat removal" with facelift is a difficult advanced technique. In the past I have done a modified tummy tuck to remove an entire piece of fat and sutured it in. The other option is fat injection which is easier but can be irregular.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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