Liposuction Scars Wont Go Away?

hello i am a african american woman who had liposuction 13 months ago. the doctor said that the scars would fade in a year but they only seem to get darker. i was wondering what i could do as i am black and have limited options. i thought about just covering up the incisions with a tattoo the same color of my skin to match. is this a good idea. what are my options please help. thank you

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Dark scars after liposuction

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Hello and thank for your questions, Kelly.  Tattooing over the scars is always an option, but I would keep this one as a last resort.  Trying to match your skin with a tattoo ink more than likely will still show through.  Even with darker skin types that have a tendency to hyperpigment after procedures, there are minimally invasive techniques to improve the coloration.  At our medical spa and laser center, Chic Esthetic, we offer the Revlite SI for hyperpigmentation in patients with darker complexion.  Since the scar has matured for the most part, the laser can lighten the pigmentation over several treatments.  Some topical creams and pigment regulators are also available to use.  I hope this helps, and good luck in your endeavors.


Robert Kratschmer, MD

Liposuction scars

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Usually liposuction scars fade very well, but in some darker patients, they can become darker. It is hard to say what would be best without first evaluateing you in person.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Visible scars 1 year after surgery ~ African American Complexion: What to do? Ask Dr Ellen

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Hello Kelly27,

It takes about a year for a scar to fully mature.  Unfortunately, wound healing isn't always predictable and depending on the location of the scar, options on how to deal with the end result may be limited.

Considerations include:

1.  scar revision

2.  application of a topical agent to assist in fading the pigment

3.  tattooing

4.  daily conceler

5.  consultation with a dermatologist to review laser treatment options that may assist is fading the pigment

TIP: There is no silver bullet solution and all of the above thoughts have their own risks and complications, none will provide a perfect outcome.

Thanks for asking!  Dr Ellen

Ellen A. Mahony, MD
Westport Plastic Surgeon
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Dark Scars 13 Months after Liposuction

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     It is important to establish a diagnosis about the type of scar first.  Do you have a hypertrophic or keloid scar?  Is the scar widened or is there just a color element to the scar?  All of these have different treatments, and you have many options.  Discuss these items with a board certified plastic surgeon.


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Give your scars more time. They will often take more than a year to mature. They will never go away, but they will get better.

Scars after Liposuction - how to treat ?

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Yes I think its not a bad idea to tattoo your scars since with your color of skin its not easy to treat scars.However this opinion is based without seeing your scar or seeing the pictures of your scar.Therefore You can try a product called Scar SI to order on net and apply this as a sticker to wear 24 hours a day for up to next 6 months.This is one good product that I use for all my post operative scars for first 6 months after surgery.In your case its late but I feel still there may be chances that it may work.This is just a suggestion and should not be taken as professional consultation.

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