Liposonix Vs. Ultrashape

My friend (yeah, right :) is considering ultrasound contouring, and I am helping with his research. Ultrashape has apparently been used here in Canada for some time, and Liposonix is expected to obtain approval soon. The representatives of Liposonix of course claim its superiority over Ultrashape in terms of results, but I am wondering whether there are independenet clinical trials of each, and whether either is superior.

He has been told that he is an ideal candidate for Ultrashape, needing only fairly small areas of superficial fat emulsified. The bottom line of this question is whether he should go ahead with the Ultrashape, or wait until Liposonix is available? (or do neither, if clinical trials have shown little benefit).

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Liposonix vs Ultrashape

While both devices utilize ultrasound technology, Liposonix is High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), and UltraShape uses Focused, Pulsed Ultrasound.  Believe it or not there is a difference.  Liposonix uses ultrasound waves to create heat to destroy the fat cells, where UltraShape utilizes the frequency of the ultrasound waves to destroy the fat cells.  Both are safe treatments, and the body responds in a very natural way to remove the destroyed fat cells.  Liposonix is a single treatment procedure, but additional treatments can be performed if additional results are desired.  The heat has a dual response of not only the reduction of fat, but also an improvement of skin tone as a side effect.  UltraShape is a multiple treatment procedure, but the offset is that there is significantly less discomfort with the UltraShape.  I would recommend starting with a consultation, be sure the technician is experienced.  I hope this is helpful.

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Liposonix is now FDA approved and available in the U.S.

As of Dec. 2011, I'm one of the first U.S. centers to offer the Liposonix, the first FDA approved fat melting device.  It uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to cause lysis or destruction of the fat cells.  There is no other device that can make this claim in the U.S.  It is  nonsurgical liposuction, a revolutionary technologic breakthrough.  It is not a replacement for liposuction because you cannot remove the high volumes of fat possible thru liposuction but you can get about an inch reduction (2.5 cm) in fat per treatment per area.  UltraShape also uses HIFU but has not received FDA clearance and is not available in the U.S.  Clinical trials for both devices have shown impressive and consistent results.

M. Christine Lee, MD
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Liposonix vs other ultrasound devices

Liposonix is now FDA cleared and will be widely available in the U.S. in early 2012. Liposonix and Ultrashape both use High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) which can effectively target fat tissue which is then re-absorbed by the body. Ultrashape has not been able to get FDA clearance, but in the clinical trials for Liposonix there was a reduction of about an inch in waist circumference after a single treatment. Technologies using unfocused ultrasound such as Vaser Shape produce only a temporary effect in appearance but do not destroy fat cells.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Liposonix Vs. Ultrashape

We use the Liposonix in our practice and have been good good results.  The important thing to remember is that it is not a replacement for liposuction because it does not remove high volumes of fat.

Rigo Mendoza, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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LipoSonix is available, Ultrashape is not

The LipoSonix unit has been FDA approved since February of this year. It really works well and can remove up to an inch in a single treatment session. In Canada they have retreated patients after 3 months, however, re-treatment is not recommended by the company in the U.S. I have recently started providing treatment with LipoSonix and we have been very happy with the results thus far. Like many have said, it is not for removal of large amounts of fat and it should not be considered as a way to drop your weight. But for contouring it is really fantastic!

Curt Samlaska, MD
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Liposonix to reduce fat on the body

Liposonix uses external (non-surgical) ultrasound to reduce areas of fat on the abdomen and waistline.  After FDA approval was obtained, clinicians in the United States have reported outstanding outcomes from the Liposonix procedure. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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The UltraShape procedure is not currently FDA approved in the United States. No scientific studies have been conducted to compare the two in a randomized blinded fashion. 

Cameron Rokhsar, MD, FAAD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Liposonix in the United States

I own a Liposonix System. Currently the UltraShape system is not available for sale in the United States. We have been getting very nice results with the LipoSonix system. I am however, interested in seeing the new UltraShape V3 system (a combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency), so that I can compare it with LipoSonix and Thermage. 

Christine Glavey, MD (retired)
Alpharetta Dermatologic Surgeon
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Liposonix vs. Ultrashape vs. Vaser Shape

All three devices utilize external ultrasound technology to emulsify fat pads underneath the skin. Both Liposonix and UltraShape are not approved in the US as of september 2010. Your only option is Vaser Shape which has received FDA clearance for cellulite and can be used in an off-labelled fashion to achieve body sculpting via fat emulsification.

William Ting, MD
Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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98% of your result will come from the surgeon, 2% from the device

98% of your result will come from your surgeon. The other 2% will come from which device he uses. The sculpting aspects, decision making intraoperatively, preoperative planning, safety concerns and many years of experience will be more important than which machine he uses. Doctors who are new in the field, perhaps not even surgeons, purchase a "new and better" machine. They would love for you to focus on the new machine (the 2%), rather than on the person performing the procedure. Surprisingly, many patients do. You can focus on the type of paint the artist is using, or you can focus on the artist.

Brent Moelleken, MD
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