Lipomas Lower Back and Sacrum?

Hi, I have few lipomas in lower back and sacrum area maybe around 10 in total. I am wondering if its best to get them taken out? I do weight lifting and unable to do many exercises such as the deadlift because they hurt when my sacrum and lower back muscles are tense. Please help. Thanks.

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Painful lipomas

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Lipomas can be any size and in any location on the body.  Since they are basically a benign lump of fat, the removal of lipomas is usually a cosmetic issue.  If the lipoma impedes your ability to perform certain functions then you might want to remove them rather than leave them alone.  It may be possible that insurance might offer some coverage if the lipoma is painful or causing a functional problem.

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Lipoma lower back

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Lipomas in general are safe to remove under a local anaesthesia (or general anaesthesia, if there are many or they are large), particularly if they are causing pain or any other problems. However, lumps in the midline over the lower back may be linked to your spine - so please get yourself examined by a surgeon.

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