Lipoma Located in Muscle Have to Be Removed Surgically?

i would like to know if i should have lipoma located in the muscle of my arm removed it hurt off and on and my surgeron says since were it is located i would have to have surgery i am very afraid to have this done could you please their any other way or procedure that can be done?

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Intramuscular lipoma

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How risky it is to remove an intramuscular lipoma depends on how big it is and if it's surrounding nerves, blood vessels, tendons, or ligaments. An MRI can help with this. You may need a surgeon who specializes in surgery of the upper extremity (orthopedic or plastic surgeons can both have this specialty) to make sure muscle and nerve function are preserved with removal.

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Lipoma needs to imaged with MRI

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Any intramuscular lipoma should be imaged with an MRI.  This is best done at a center that has surgical oncologists, musculoskeltal oncologists,  and plastic and reconstructive surgeons who work togehter in a multidisciplinary fashion

Inside the Muscle Lipoma

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No one can properly advise you if you should have an inside the muscle lipoma without a lot more information. The size of the lipoma, the muscle(s) it is in, its location, its growth pattern and proximity to nerves / blood vessels, among other factors - would influence the decision. You would benefit from a MRI which will give you a lot of this information and help you decide.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Intramuscular lipoma is very difficult to assess on examination, and should have an MRI.

It should be removed totally and surgically.

No other option available

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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