Removing Lipoma on Vaginal Area?

I have a swelling about two inches broad, just left and back of my labium majorum that when squeezed feels like a collection of lumps.

I was told after one sheepish poke from my doctor that this was a fatty cyst; however it has been growing slowly since I noticed it 2 years ago.

When is it worth getting this checked again or clear removed--and what sort of doctor can do a surgery for a cyst in this location?

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You need more evaluation

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A lump or mass in that area could be one of several possibilities, a Bartholin's cyst being one of them. At any rate, you indicated your doctor performed a rather brief exam, and your treatment cannot be undertaken based on that.

Any growing mass needs a full explanation, so please see a doc who can evaluate you fully.

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I tend to recommend lipoma removal, just to be sure.

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Soft tissue lumps are usually benign but not always. My tendency when I see such a mass, particularly if it is growing, is to recommend that it be removed. It is simpler when these lumps are small. Often, small ones can be removed under just local (numbing) in the doctor's office.

Who should remove it? That is debatable. I leave it to the patient's discretion. Plastic surgeons can often make the closure look better, but insurance coverage can be more dicey with plastic surgeons.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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