Leftover Stitch 6 Weeks Post-op

I had upper/lower bleph 6 weeks ago. There is a spot under left eye about 1/4 inch that itches and is slightly swollen (making eye look smaller).I thought was assymetry but now think it could either be a left behind stitch (I had regular stiches). My eye is not red but it feels like something is in the eye. Is this possible to have a piece of stitch left in lower eyelid?

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Eyelid irritation and swelling

Although it may be a stitch, it is more likely a gland that has become obstructed, causing secretions to accumulate and enlarging the gland.  See your doctor.  When this happens to my patients, under magnification, I gently evacuate the gland.  If infected, antibiotic eyedrops, and perhaps antibiotic pills are also prescribed.  It will resolve.

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Stitches Left Behind After Eyelid Surgery? Can it happen?

  Coild there be a stitch left in an incision anywhere?  Sure, it happens often and is no big deal.  Go to your doctor and get checked.  If there is a stitch there the  surgeon can take it out.  The surgeon can completely check you over and tell you exactly what is causing your problem.  This may be just a part of the healing process but needs to be checked and if a problem exists, solved.   A major part of your surgeons job is follow up care.   The person who did your surgery must be available to you or make another surgeon available if need be.  This is mandatory.  Temporary incision aggravation and eye irritations are not uncommon after eyelid surgery and they can all be treated and solved 100%.  Go and see your surgeon.

George Commons, MD
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Stitch in lower eyelid after Blepharoplasty

During a lower lid blepharoplasty sometimes there are sutures placed in a deeper position to tighten or reposition the eyelid to deeper structures.  Given that you are only 6 weeks after surgery, and only your surgeon knows where the sutures were placed, I would check with that person to examine you.

Jeff Scott, MD
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Stitch left after eyelid surgery

You could have what I call a spitting stitch coming to the surface or as the swelling has resolved, a stitch left behind has made itself evident. Not to worry. Contact your surgeon and return to have it removed or to ascertain that there isn't another problem causing the sensation of a foreign body in the eye.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Eye Irritation After Blepharoplasty

Dear Santa Barbara,

Some doctors do place dissolving stitches in the lower lid conjunctiva during blepharoplasty surgery.  As these stitches dissolve, they can become exposed and irritate the eye.  See your surgeon for an evaluation.

Michael McCracken, MD
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A Stitch in Time (6 Weeks After Blepharoplasty)

Hi SB,

Best to return to your surgeon to have your eye lid skin checked.  If there is a stitch left behind, it should be removed.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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