Double mastectomy with free nipple grafts in 2014. Ever since had a white lump under one of the grafts. What is it? (Photos)

It doesn't hurt, doesn't itch, isn't inflamed or hot, but I'm still worried about it and would like to know what it is. I want to be sure this isn't an infection or something that needs prompt treatment, especially because I've ignored it for about two years. It has not changed at all/gotten worse throughout the years, which I think is a good sign. Thanks in advance everyone!

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Bumps after surgery near the nipple

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There are lots of healthy reasons to have a bump in a mastectomy site, especially if it has been there for over two years, hasn't changed, and has no significant symptoms. Fat necrosis, scar tissue and sebaceous cysts are the more common reasons. The best way to evaluate the bump would be with ultrasound. If it has a clearly safe explanation and you and your surgeon are comfortable, it may be able to be watched. If you both aren't sure, a simple biopsy with local anesthetic is the easiest way to ensure it is safe. Plus, if it is small enough, it might just be removed completely if a cookie-cutter punch biopsy is used.

Beverly Hills General Surgeon
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Lump under nipple graft

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It is impossible to tell what that is in a picture. Go back to your surgeon. Have an examination. It is possible that you might need a small biopsy. It will give you peace of mind.

Tracy E. McCall, MD
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon
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