Had Lipo on my stomach 3 weeks ago, the scabs on my hip incisions keep coming off with the garment, advice for healing?

The scabs on my hip incisions keep coming off. I know they need air (not bandaids) but every time I pull down my underwear or garment they come off. They can't seen to heal. Any advice.....

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Liposuction AfterCare includes: Band-Aids, RF treatments (Venus Legacy, Exilis Ultra) Cellutone/zwave

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You can protect the incisions with a band-aid, scar gel, or even telfa with hypafix tape.  hydrocolloid dressings sometimes help. This is fine as long as you change them out. I also recommend adding RF treatments externally like venus legacy, exilis ultra, Vanquish, shock/vibration therapy like Cellutone/z wave, hyperbaric oxygen and compression in order to decrease swelling and improve results. Best, Dr. Emer

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Scabs falling off

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There's nothing wrong with covering the incision.

Many patients use Band-Aids or simply taping a piece of dry gauze over the incision.

Doctors may vary on the recommendation from this.

I have no problem if my patients put a Band-Aid over the incision for the first several weeks.

It may be a good idea to change the Band-Aid every day or two if going this route.

To be sure please check in with your doctor to see what he or she recommends.


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