How Much Does Laser Vein Removal Cost?

I have big veins under both of my eyes and I want to get them removed. The thing is, how much does it cost to get them removed with laser removal? Also, does it completely & permanently take it away? Thanks :)

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What is the cost for laser vein ablation ? VNUS Closure, EVLT, Varithena Buffalo Niagara, NY

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Varithena is not covered by medical insurance as it is not recognized to have shown clinical efficacy in randomized controlled trials - this costs $3600 per leg.

EVLT, VNUS Closure are traditional ablation procedures covered by medical insurance in our geographic area of Western New York. 

I perform the procedures in our offices so there is no additional outpatient center fees to the patient or the insurance company. 

Cost of vein nremoval.

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The cost of vein removal varies tremendously based on which type of specialist performs the procedure and the location (city) in which the treatment is done.  Also, it is usually much cheaper to have it done in the doctors office rather than a hospital or surgery center, where the cost will be significantly higher.  Also, the particular type of technology used to treat the veins will also affect the cost.  Laser is usually much cheaper than surgical removal, but surgery may be necessary.  Usually the results are permanent.

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