How Can You Get Rid of Veins Under Your Eyes?

I have greenish veins under my eyes and it makes me look terrible. I've tried make-up to cover it but NO makeup that I ever tried worked. I want to get rid of them permanently so is there any medicine specifically for the veins? If not, is there any natural way to get rid of them? I might be looking forward to laser removal for the veins but I'm scared that it might not work. One more question-- how old do you have to be in order to get laser vein removal. Please help! Thanks :)

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Eye Vein Treatment

Hi Anon.  We use the Laserscope Lyra long pulsed yag laser for removal of these veins.  The concern regarding their treatment is that most vein treatments will need to be repeated in the future.  Whether that is 3 months later or 3 years later is a key issue and is not answered until the treatment is performed.  

Find a practice that is specializes in laser treatments for facial veins and preferably uses a long pulsed yag laser (there are many brands).

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There are no medicines or natural treatments  that will permanently remove the veins under your eyes. Laser or sclerotherapy would be your best options.  You should see someone with experience in treating these kinds of veins.  The youngest person that I have treated for this kind of vein was an 11 year old.

John Landi, MD
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Treatment for veins under the eyes - Buffalo Niagara, NY

There are many treatment options and they depend on the size and distribution of these 'periorbital veins'. Treatment options include lasers (long PDL, KTP or Nd YAG), RF, ohmic thermolysis with VeinGogh or VeinWave and rarely IPL. 

I prefer sclerotherapy and/or microphlebectomy if they are > 3 mm. 

Hratch Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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