Which laser is better for laser hair removal: Alma Soprano ICE or Lumenis Lightsheer Duet?

I have olive skin tone but do not tan so my skin is pretty light, hair is dark brown. I am looking to have Brazilian laser hair removal. Which laser is more effective/has the best results alma soprano ICE or Lumenis Lightsheer Duet?

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Best Laser Hair Removal

Both devices are diode lasers, which is very effective for the removal of unwanted hair with all skin types.  Each has features that can impact patient comfort.  The Lightsheer Duet has a large spot size for efficient treatment of the larger areas, but some people find the vacuum draw to be uncomfortable.  It also has a small, chilled spot size for the more intricate areas.  The Soprano Ice has 1, chilled spot size, but offers the option of "in-motion" for the efficient treatment of large areas and can still be utilized for smaller more intricate areas.  Our patients tolerate the Soprano Ice very well. 
Either device can provide great results, but I recommend choosing a facility where the medical director is on site and the technicians are experienced.  Even though both devices are safe for all skin types, there are still risks and potential side effects, so be sure to have a consultation first!

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Both Alma Soprano ICE and Lumenis Lightsheer Duet Work Well for Laser Hair Removal

This is a great question and one we hear often. Both of these lasers are “diode” lasers, and both have a great deal of clinical data showing how well they work. We have been involved in looking at both of these devices for both of the companies that make them. The LightSheer Duet is one of the lasers we consider gold standard, and therefore everyone likes to compare their device to it. There have been several published reports – and we have published on this too – that the devices are pretty equivalent – they both work and they both work well in the right hands.

Any laser can be great – if the person using it is very well skilled. Soprano and Duet are both great devices.

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Effective hair removal systems

Effectiveness of any treatment depends on the machine, and your technician. Both of those machines are fast and comparable with results, so I wouldn't tell you one is better than the other because it's not. Seek an office with an experienced technician, and a physician overseeing your care.

"This answer has been solicited without seeing this patient and cannot be held as true medical advice, but only opinion. Seek in-person treatment with a trained medical professional for appropriate care."

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