What is the Best Laser for Skin Tightening on the Arms?

I hear about Titan as being the best? I guess radio frequency types are the best, which ones are the lastest and best?

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They don't tighten arm skin

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Good try -- lasers do not tighten arm skin. A lot of doctors may try to use them for this, but the results are disappointing.

Technologies for non-invasive skin tightening are still generally disappointing...

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Hi there-

If you believe the skin on your arms (or anywhere else) is loose and that this is creating an appearance with which you are displeased, it is most likely that only surgery will give you an outcome with which you are pleased...

Unfortunately, the currently available technologies produce minimal (if any) true change in the appearance of excess skin, or in that of skin with poor elasticity.

Think of it this way- (I say this often to my own patients in my Orlando Plastic Surgery, Skin Care, and Hair Restoration Center)- the only thing worse than being unhappy with the way you look is to spend your money, have a painful procedure, and STILL be unhappy with the way you look....

Don't waste your time and money....

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