Will the "torpedo" look my breasts have after my Breast Augmentation with Lift, go away? (photos)

I'm 2 days post op after breast augmentation and lollipop lift (350cc on left and 375cc smooth round moderate plus gel) and I'm worried about the shape. I know it's very early still but I feel like my breasts are extremely "torpedo" shaped and don't have much crease underneath. I also have what looks like rippling on my skin on one breast. They don't look like any pics I've seen. Any advice as to whether they look like they're progressing ok would be appreciated!!

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Wound Healing Is A Dynamic Process

The period of time immediately following the combination of breast augmentation and breast lift surgery is characterized by rapid change. Muscle spasm, swelling, inflammation and the wound healing process itself all contribute to these changes. This process can continue for a year following this type of procedure.

Your post-operative pictures suggest that you have a relatively normal result two days following surgery. For this reason, it's important to be patient and maintain close contact with your plastic surgeon. Over the course of time, your result should continue to show improvement.
If you're ultimately unhappy, revisional surgery may be necessary. This should be delayed for at least six months to optimize wound healing and minimize swelling.

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Early results after breast lift surgery #plasticsurgery #breastlift

Based on the appearance of your early post op result, I would guess that you had a well-executed vertical breast lift. This type of lift preserves volume in the upper pole of the breast. A rounder breast shape should evolve as the vertical breast closure relaxes and lengthens somewhat. Your surgeon should be able to offer some reassurance as we all see this issue in the early post op period.

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I agree and disagree with my colleagues' answers.

Yes your lift plus implants appear to have been well-executed technically. And, they will indeed change over time, and the "torpedo" look will diminish.

What won't happen, IMHO, is that the excess skin between your inframammary creases and your nipple/areola complexes (as evidenced by the long length of the vertical scar) will not "get less" as time goes by. Rather, this skin will stretch as your implants drop, and you will have a long(er) distance between your creases and the nipples, giving you (the appearance of) a too-high nipple position atop your breast mounds.

Of course if this occurs, then the excess skin must be excised in a  curving horizontal ellipse along your breast creases, just as if you had undergone a Wise-pattern (anchor) lift in the first place.

I certainly hope I'm wrong on this, and perhaps even a majority of my colleagues would agree that I'm wrong, but I've revised too many poorly-designed vertical (lollipop or circumvertical) lifts over the years to think this is the best option. I understand the desire to reduce scarring, but not if the final shape is odd or requires more scars (later). Click on the web reference link below for one such example.Please let us know your results in 6-12 months and show photos, please. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Torpedo look after breast lift and augmentation will definitely go away

Based on your photographs you have an excellent result after your breast augmentation and lift for 2 days postop.  Your "torpedo look" will definitely go away as your tissues adjust in the implant drops into the lower pole of your breast.  Again he result looks superb at this early stage.  Next

For more information on breast augmentation with lift please read the following link:

Breast lift with implants

Hi Nala,
No cause for alarm.  Your breasts will definitely settle over the coming months and irregularities will definitely soften and flatten.   Keep your surgeon in the loop.  Without your preop photos it is hard to say, but you look like you have a great lift.  All the best, "Dr. Joe"

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Will the "torpedo" look my breasts have after my Breast Augmentation with Lift, go away?

Thank you for your question.  I am surprised that you are asking it because I would think that your surgeon would have warned you that your breasts would look like this right after surgery.  From your photos it looks like you are on your way to a great result  as you heal and your breasts settle.

Lars Enevoldsen, MD
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Torpedo look after breast lift

It is very normal for breasts to look that way after a vertical lift with augmentation.  The bottom part will round out with time given the weight of the implants and the pleating typically resolves.  This may take several weeks.  Once things relax and the swelling improves you should have a great result! 

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Relax and Be Patient

The correction and flat lower pole to your breast is normal for a Vertical scar lift. The torpedo look will resolve and will most likely look great down the road. The rippling is also normal and will resolve in time.

For all patients, please understand that surgery is not like carving a block of stone, we have to deal with soft tissue that sags after surgery and we, as surgeons, have to anticipate these changes. The science is not exact. I expect that your results will be great!

Robert M. Freund, MD
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