Does paying all cash mean a cheaper option vs using the financial planning?

Wondering if the doctor will charge me more for my implants if I opt for the financial planning. I am more than capable of paying it off within the number of months given before the interest hits, but I don't want to put 5k down all at once.

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Cash vs financing

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doesn't necessarily result in the least costly option but anytime you're paying interest, its a losing proposition in my book.  So if you can get no interest financing for short term loans through Care Credit or other companies, its a convenient way to go without having to put all of your cash up front.

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Cash vs Financing

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Great question.  This is actually something that needs to be directed to the office of your plastic surgeon. Every office is different and offers different discounts and payment options.  Sometimes it can be cheaper to pay with cash, but again, you would have to check with your doctor office to find out for sure..

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Breast Augmentation and Financing

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In my practice we work with Care Credit for patients interested in financing their surgery. We are contracted with a 6 month payback plan with no interest and a 24 and 36 month payback plan with 14.9% APR. It depends on the office and the what plans they choose to be apart of. 

Surgical Financial Options

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Each practice has their own financial policies. Many Plastic Surgeons work with third party financing companies or have their own payment plans. You must speak with your chosen Plastic Surgeon about their options for you.

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Does paying all cash mean a cheaper option versus financing?

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Thank you for your excellent question.  Some practices may offer you an all-cash discount, but this would be practice specific and not industry-wide.  If they do not, paying cash and using financing would be equivalent assuming you pay off the financing prior to any interest being applied.  Hope this helps.

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Cash vs financing

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Thanks for the great question.  Every office has a different policy but in general if the surgery is financed then you have interest that ocrues and will make the total cost of the procedure higher at the end.  If the you can pay all up front without financing then the you will save money based on the financing program.  Best of luck. 

Paying cash may lower the price slightly

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The lower price with cash may be the difference in the fee your surgeon would have had to pay Visa or MasterCard.  If someone is taking a lot less money, then they are potentially not claiming the income against their income tax.  That is a crime and not something too many surgeons participate in.

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It depends

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The best answer to your question depends on your selected surgeon's policy.  Often, discounts are offered in fee for service situations because the cost of financing via credit card or third party such as Care Credit is avoided and the practice will pass those savings along to the patient but that is not always the case and you need to check with your surgeon's office to make sure of your options.  In office financing may be available and they may or not charge interest but you need to be sure of the cost to you no matter what option you chose. 

Cash versus Credit for a Breast Augmentation

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Hi Cho,

Thanks for your question and photos. The fees remain constant usually but it depends on the doctors. Here in Phoenix, the cost is less for patients when they pay in cash, as the extra fees necessary to take credit cards or finance plans increase the cost to the doctors office. I recommend you find a board certified plastic surgeon and base your decision on quality and not necessarily cost. Financing typically cost the patient more. Good Luck!

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Does paying all cash mean a cheaper option vs using the financial planning?

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Thank you for your question. Every doctor has his or her own policy about payments and financing for cosmetic surgery, so it would be best to ask your surgeon. In my office, I do offer some discounts for cash payments, so that is something you might want to ask about. 

Hope this helps!

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