Long term benefits of muscle repair?

Hello. I am wondering what the long term benefits of muscle repair are (done during tummy tuck). I know I have separation (about half an inch) due to 2 pregnancies. But I am having trouble with having a tummy tuck just for looking better. I like the idea of the muscle repair though. What are the long term benefits of having my muscles brought back together? Are there any?

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Long term benefits of muscle repair

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Repairing the muscles does give one  a stronger abdominal core strength and in some patients can also help alleviate low back pain if that is due to muscle imbalances

Mackenzie repair with tummy tuck

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Thank you for your questions. Muscle repair (tightening the rectus muscles together at the midline) significantly flattens the abdomen. Frankly, many of our patients we do is for this reasons mainly. 
The reason people get tummy tuck is to look better. If you do not think that is your reason, you may not need this surgery after all. 

Neil T. Chen, MD
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

It's all cosmetic

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Muscle repair is purely a cosmetic thing. Just like a tummy tuck. You should figure out why you're having a problem with that concept. Maybe cosmetic surgery is not for you.
Best of luck! 

Muscle repair with tummy tuck creates a more stable abdomen

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First it is important to understand that the muscle separation is not something correctable with exercise. It not only creates a flatter abdomen, but a more stable muscle layer.  Since the loose skin and any localized fat can also not be corrected with exercise and diet, you should not feel guilty about a tummy tuck to look better!

Long term benefits of muscle repair?

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 Hi and thanks for your question. Muscle repair is an Intercal part of a tummy tuck operation. It is performed primarily to create a flatter abdomen. There are other indications for a tummy tuck which usually includes excess skin and fat. I would suggest that you see a very experienced  surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and preferably a member of the American Society for a Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. That's my best advice after 30 years performing aesthetic plastic surgery. Best of luck! 

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