Small problem with a gap & my two front teeth are chipped; what treatment will fix this quick and cost me less? (Photo)

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Consider bonding

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The chips on the edges of your front teeth can be restored using bonding. It can be applied and restore your teeth in a short amount of time and provide with good esthetics. The space can be corrected with the application of the same material. However I recommend for you to consider orthodontically repositioning your teeth since the lateral incisor is also experiencing some shifting as well. These are all issues that you can discuss with your restoring dentist. All the best,

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Small problem with a gap & two front teeth are chipped

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Very small chips at the edges of teeth may be fixed simply by polishing them with dental instruments to remove rough edges. These chips frequently occur near the biting surfaces of the front teeth. Small to moderate chips can often be repaired via dental bonding. In this process, your dentist will restore lost tooth structure by applying special high-tech materials to the tooth surface. Made up of a mixture of plastic resin and glass fillers, bonding material is strong, anchors firmly to the teeth, and looks extremely lifelike. Another advantage is that bonding can usually be performed in just one visit to the dental office, making it an economical treatment. Over time, however, the bonding material can chip or stain, and therefore may eventually need to be replaced. Porcelain veneers, which replace the whole front surface of the teeth with a hard, wafer-thin covering, are a more permanent (but more involved and costly) alternative. In most cases, small to moderate chips don’t constitute an emergency unless they are accompanied by pain.

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