Is 3 L of Fat Removed Equivalent to a Drop in Dress Size?

or how do you know your liposuction is a success? How do we know if there is just "some change" or a significant change, if 3 L is removed? abdominal area, or hip area. thank you

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3 liters of fat removed with liposuction

I can not "guesstimate" how much fat removed equals a dress size but 3 liters of fat if it was all fat and not jsut fluid is about 6.5 lbs.

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Is 3 L of Fat Removed Equivalent to a Drop in Dress Size?

Truthfully, I would have no idea how 3 L of fat removal would compare to a dress size. In weight it is about 3.5 pounds. In liposuction, 3L is quite a lot of volume. The procedure is not done to lose weight or fit certain clothes. It is done as a sculpting procedure to fine tune shape in specific areas. It is at its best when done on patients already at their ideal weight. It is a success when done on a patient that can benefit and who is pleased with the results. It is extremely important that you be well counselled in very realistic expectations as to the result you can get or you will not be a satisfied patient.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Is 3 L of Fat Removed Equivalent to a Drop in Dress Size?

At approximately 6 weeks after surgery, you should be healed enough to know how much of a result you will have.  3 liters of removal varies from person to person, depending on your pre-operative size and where the fat is removed from.  After surgery, you will have some swelling making it difficult to know right away what your results will be.  Good luck!

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Is 3 L of #FatRemoval Equivalent to a Drop in Dress Size? ANS:

For most people 3 liters can make a visible difference but it really depends on where you are starting from. The heavier one is from the beginning, the less 3 liters will make a change...

John J. Corey, MD
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