Would a mastectomy be able to remove my HS? I honestly don't care what the scar looks like I just don't want to be disabled.

My HS is unique. I have a reoccurring abecess under my nipple. I don't have any underarm cysts and my groin only has the occasional large zit. The abecess has been removed twice and incised another three times. I've taken many rounds of antibiotics and I've been on ceaste 35 for years.

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Perhaps not HS? Duct ectasia solved by duct removal

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Many times, duct ectasia is misdiagnosed as Hidradenitis Suppurativa. It can be treated and usually cured by removing the duct near the nipple that hides germs and allows infections to recurs over and over. Sometimes this is associated with an un even nipple that appears stuck down or pulled in. If this is the case for you, it is an easy outpatient  fix that means you do NOT need to lose your nipple or your breast and should cure the problem once and for all. Feel free to send a picture of the area to see if you are a candidate. I have dealt with this many times and seen patients gone to other doctors who mistreat this by simply draining the infections away from the nipple as they come up, but never removing the root source. Ask to see a "breast specialist" and ask their office if they have seen "duct ectasia" that requires duct excision for treatment of recurrent periareoalar breast abscesses. This is most likely your problem. 

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