What is the difference between a matopexy and mastectomy?

So I am having surgery on march 14,2017 and I keep forming capsular contracture on my breast so the surgeon told me that she was going to do an capsuletomy with an immediate insertion of a breast prosthesis following a mastopexy, or mastectomy what exactly does that means I know its a reconstruction but I'm not sure on what exactly that means the explaining she said I didn't really understand

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Mastopexy vs mastectomy

Mastectomy means removal of all milk producing tissue with surgery. Mastopexy means pulling breast tissue together in a lifted fashion, but not trying to remove any particular tissue. If mastopexy is combined with reduction (removal of some tissue to make the size smaller) or capsulectomy (removal of scar tissue that has formed around an implant), then the final change in the breast can be smaller and lifted. For some women with not very much tissue to begin with, taking out the scar tissue around an implant can leave very little else behind. If so much will be gone, some women decide to have all the milk producing tissue taken because of risk or to simplify things. There are increased risks of poor wound healing and a more artificial appearance if mastectomy Isn't performed well. 

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