Post mastectomy op - possible necrosis nipple which seemingly continues to fight - is this normal? (photo)

The purple coloured skin had materialised almost immediately after surgery, was swollen and numb...we thought I may have necrosis and could lose the nipple. However, 5 days later, the nipple is still purple, warm and the sensations have returned. Whilst this is all very positive... as it seemed my nipple would most likely die, we now seem to be defying all odds! Is this normal? Could this be icshemia? My breast's are small following my mastectomy, how long until the second procedure can happen?

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Nipple sparing mastectomy with partial and complete necrosis

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It can play out several ways.  If you have sensation that is a very positive sign.  the nipple itself may slough the top layer of skin but then heal.  Repost pictures to let us know how you are doing.

Necrosis of nipple after mastectomy

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It may be hard to tell from the photos as this does look like early necrosis... venous engorgement is one possible explanation for a living yet darkly colored nipple. If the tissue is left alone and is dead, it usually hardens and dries up as time goes on, forming a thick black scab. If dead tissue has moisture/ointments/active wound care, then the dead tissue melts away and leaves raw tissue (or whatever is underneath) visible. If it is alive, it should continue to heal and improve. If it is dead, your doctor will help with removing what needs to come away and work with what is left behind. Good luck! 

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