What Kind of Make-up Can I Use to Hide Dark Patches After a Chemical Peel

What Kind of Make-up Can I Use to Hide Dark Patches After a Chemical Peel

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Pigmentation after a peel

Firstly, you must differentiate between  post ingflammatory hyperpigmentation, which takes time to develop, and dark skin that needs to peel off. When was your peel? Last week? Then you need to be patient and keep moist and lubricated. You should see your doctor ASAP if you are not sure of what is going on and follow their advice. 

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Dermablend is a good brand of coverup makeup.

Dermabend is a good brand of cover up makeup to use to hide blemishes and patches of Hyperpigmentation.  The Cosmion Mask, topical skin bleaches, lasers and the M2 product line may be able to help you get rid of the abnormal pigmentation.  A specialist who is an expert in Melasma and postinflammtory Hyperpigmentation should be able to help you

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First, you should not have dark patches unless you just had the chemical peel.

If you are hyperpigmenting after a peel, you should be placed on a product like triluma to control hyperpigmentation.  If you just had a light peel and the dark skin has not peeled yet, this is temporary and you might be better off keeping the skin moist with a little bit of petrolatum like Vaseline.  Often make up does not hold well on skin that is very dry or hydrated with the vaseline.  If you are dealing with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, then camouflage  make up such as Estee Lauder Double-Wear Maximum cover can be used to help hide the patches.  Best advise is to communicate with your doctor regarding your chemical peel to learn if your are on track.  Not treated by a doctor?  You get what you pay for.

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