V Beam and Glycolic Peel Timing Following Fraxel and IPL?

I've had Fraxel 6 months ago and IPL twice since then. Is it too soon to have VBeam? How long should one wait before having more procedures done. Also, it was suggested to have a glycolic peel immediately prior to having VBeam done. Your thoughts and answers would be appreciated.I don't want to chance damaging my skin more.

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Very confused

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I am not sure why you are having so many treatments?? Is this all to eliminate red and brown from your face?  There are alot of unanswered questions in my mind.  I am assuming you had Fraxel at low setting with only 2-3 day downtime for brown spots and not aggressive Fraxel where you would take 10 days to heal.  the reason I say this is because if you had aggressive Fraxel you shouldn't need any IPL or Vbeam treatments because your face should look like a million bucks.  On the other hand, if you had Fraxel at low settings for pigmentation, you should be able to have Vbeam treatments anytime.  Glycolic peels are so minimal that they will not interfere with Vbeam treatments.  Vbeam laser treatments are the gold standard treatments for broken capillaries and in my opinion IPL produces minimal improvement in the skin and are a waste of money.  If you have pigment in addition to the broken capillaries, I would forget the glycolic peel and go somewhere where they can do the Young Pharmaceutical Melanage Mask or go to someone who has a GentleLase laser specifically for pigment.   If your pigment is subtle or you just want to glow for the wedding,  just make sure you are using retinA in some form with Hydroquinone and stay on this after the wedding to prevent future photodamage.  And 1 week prior to your wedding have a glycolic peel to give your skin a boost.

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Please explain furthur

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Kat, If you could tell us what your goals are and what you are using each of these lasers for we would be able to give you advice that will make more sense, Thanks

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