I am 12 weeks post tt and my swelling is driving me down . Any suggestions?

I am 12 weeks post tt and my swelling is driving me down :( my surgeon is 6 hours away and seen my medical dr and the ultrasound showed very small fluid ! They don't want to drain it!they are afraid of infection ! Now it seems more? And I am back to work !! Is this normal ? Should I let my body absorb it like they said ? My surgeon said just a general dr could drain it ! But now I'm afraid of Infection ! Just getting really anxious now. Thank you

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Some swelling is normal

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As you increase your activity after a tummy tuck, it is normal for the tissues to swell, especially near the incision. As long as there is not a large fluid collection, there is no need to drain it. I recommend wearing light compression during the day (spanx/girdle) as this will help with the swelling.

Post operative swelling

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Your swelling doesn't seem to be excessive and should go away with time.  If the ultrasound only shows a small amount of free fluid, then most of your swelling is in the tissue and couldn't be drained. It will have to be absorbed with time.

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