What's the best way to fix wrongly fitted crown/bridge over implants? (Photo)

In February 2016, I got my crown/bridge over 4 implants and 2 missing teeth in the middle on my upper teeth. Part of the crown/bridge is closed that can't be flossed/cleaned. This also causes bleeding and sore on the gum tissue. What is the best way to solve the problem with the least complications: removing/redoing the crown or gingivectomy surgery? Thanks so much in advance for your professional advice!

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the first thing to analyze is how deep those implants are, if they re deep enough , you can switch for different abutments, and even correct angulations, the areas were the pontic is needs to be provably adjusted,
there is also a chance of performing other implants to convert to individual crowns, there are several options, but will depend a lot on the existing implants you have now.
but yes, in must cases there are several solutions.

Hard to Clean Bridge

Hi there!  

You are asking the right question.  And for the right reason.  You do need to be able to properly care for your gums, teeth, implants.  That will have them outlast you which is what we dentists all want for our patients.  That being said, your dentist, and your hygienist are your best friends in this area.  I would follow their recommendations.  

Your bridge work looks a little white and maybe unnatural.  Sometimes patients want this.  Sometimes not.  Are you happy with the esthetics?  If not, you might consider redoing the bridge (should be at no cost to you from the same dentist who placed it.)  If you like the esthetics, then consider the gingivectomy knowing that this might not be enough because the bridge is too think at the gum-line.  Reshaping the gums will not solve that problem.  

So first determine who is going to do this.  
Second determine if it is an esthetic / fabrication issue of the bridge or is it a soft tissue issue. (This might require a second opinion.)
Third take the action determined by step 2.

Good luck!  There is a way for you to have healthy beautiful bridges whether on teeth or on implants.

N. Summer Lerch, DDS, FAGD
New Haven Dentist
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More implants

Unfortunately you're describing the nature of a bridge. The teeth are 'glued' together making cleaning difficult. You'd need more implants to have separate teeth. That being said, your teeth do look a bit opaque to me in the picture...which may just be the flash.

If you don't like the appearance, that can be redone.

The easiest thing is proper cleansing of the area. If they did not demonstrate how to floss under the bridge and between the implants/teeth, go to a cleaning appointment and watch how she cleans and ask questions.

(I like a product called super floss)

Dr. Reiser

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