Implant retained bridges vs Bar over-denture pros & cons?

24 teeth extracted on 11/15 was told that I had good bone but still elected to have socket preservation bone grafting done. Dentist said a bar over-denture was a great option because I could take teeth out to clean around the post daily. I found info on both options but not in a comparison to each other. I want 6 posts top & bottom. After wearing temp dentures I'm not as opposed to having teeth that can go in & out. (Hate glue&sore spots)Hoping that you can share real life pro/con of each type.

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Implant retained bridges vs. bar overdentures.

As you know there are pros and cons to every treatment you undergo. If is important to understand what it is you want.   The first decision is whether you want fixed or removable teeth.  In both cases the aesthetic results in the hands of professionals is the same. 

The next question is the material you want the teeth to be made of.  Teeth can be made of acrylic (plastic), porcelain (glass) or Zirconia (ceramic).  Plastic teeth tend to wear and pop off, porcelain tends to chip, Zirconia is virtually indestructible.  

Today you also have the option of having ceramic implants placed instead of titanium.

In terms of cost for a bar overdenture on 4-6 implants you are looking at $15-25,000 per arch and for a full arch fixed on 4-8 implants $20-40,000 per arch.  These are difficult decisions to make.

Go see some doctors and look at their before and after pictures. Make sure you ask for pictures where you can see the gums. Most before and afters in implant dentistry show the smile only, tells you nothing about the surgical work. You need to see what the gum to tooth interface looks like. Is the color of the gum, the height of the gum, the consistency of the gum same as the other teeth? Do you see dark lines? Is the doctor giving you all possible options with the latest proven materials and techniques?

These are the important things to evaluate before choosing your doctor.

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Bridges vs bar overdenture on implant

The best and most expensive treatment (if you have sufficient bone) is FIXED crown and bridge over 6-8 implants per jaw. To have one jaw completed would cost $40,000 to $50,000 or close to $100,000 for both in a specialists office. Bar over dentures in both jaws would cost around $20,000. However, there is a world of difference between them with regards to comfort and esthetics. Bridges are made of porcelain so they look real and very esthetic. Dentures still move even if they are stabilized by implants and don't feel as secure. 

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The only proven protocol, that works amazing and you will have great results is ALL ON 4, BY NOBELBIOCARE, this is  a system where 4 implants are set , and you will have a screw retained titanium bar, that will connect with those implants, and you will have all your teeth back, shape, size and even color, this is the must advanced technique, and you will have great results in just a few days.

Comparison on bar one dentures to other implant retained options

The type of prosthesis that you have selected is one that retains the prosthesis, but does not support the prosthesis. This means that you will have a full denture and the tissue and bone will support the prosthesis. The denture will have its normal break in period where you will have to get the sore spots adjusted. After the denture is adjusted, the implant units will be activated to keep the denture down. In most instances today, we do not use bars for this. We use an individual attachment for each implant. This is much more cost effective tan a bar.

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