Is Juvederm Good for Lines Above Lip?

Also can juvederm deal with some small scaring that I have on my cheeks from an accident. The cost worries me and how long it will last

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Correcting Deep Lip Lines

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From the attached photograph you appear to have advanced sun damaged skin and facial and lip deflation resulting in deepening lines. Although Restylane or Juvederm would improve such lines, they cannot completely smooth them out. In my opinion, your best solution would lie with a deep facial laser resurfacing followed by placement of fillers.

Look up the Sciton JOULE Microlaser peel combined with ProFractional treatment. The combined treatment will precisely sand off damaged skin AND tighten the remaining skin. The deeper the peel, the greater the period of redness but the much greater the smoothing of the skin. Look this treatment on YouTube and on the Sciton web site.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Juvederm for lines above the lip

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Juvederm and Restylane are both great fillers for the lines above the lip, and they can lift up depressed scars too. There will be improvement, but don't expect perfection. Make sure to see an expert injector such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for optimal results and safety. Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

Scar depressions

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Juvederm works best on facial depressions and not on specific lines of the face. If the scar is depressed it can help to lift it.. Superficial lines may be better treated with lasers and retinoic acids.

Juvederm is very good for lines above the lip

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Juvederm is very good for lines above the lip. Usually the lines themselves are not injected but instead the injections are placed at the border of the lip and across the lines to minimize lumpiness. 

Juvederm can help with lip lines, but other treatments may be necessary

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Juvederm is a great product for volumization and enhanced definition of lips, as well as for the nasolabial lines around your lips. They can help correct the "perioral" lines around and above your lips, but from your photograph, I believe you'll need a different type of treatment to get significant benefit.

I would suggest laser treatment or dermabrasion of the perioral area. Fractionated laser treatment is the safest as it has the least chance of turning the skin in the treated area a lighter color. Juvederm can help, but you'll spend more money in the long run for results that aren't as dramatic.

Juvederm good for lines above lip

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 Yes, I use it frequently Costs from $500 to 600. Lasts from 4 to 6 months at best. I use numbing cream to allow a less painful injection experience.


Juvederm duration of effect

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Juvederm typically lasts 6-8 months and in non dynamic areas has been shown to last up to 12 months. If the areas are dynamic, it tends to be less lasting. It will soften deep lines and scars. It will not totally correct or remove wrinkles or scars. It can be very expensive.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

Upper lip wrinkles

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Deep lines in the upper lip are caused in some patients by the strucure of their bone and teeth, excessive pursing during speech (some people use these muscles more in a pursed fashion when pronouncing certain letters), pursing during smoking, chronic sun exposure and other causes. Fillers last for about six months in this area, sometimes longer, but not as long as compared to the smile folds because of the large amount of movement of the lip muscles. The most aggressive resurfacing technique can help reduce the lines and their depth but you will still have them to some extent because the muscle will keep pursing the skin into creases. Small amounts of botulinum toxin can minimize this pursing but can lengthen the lip and cause problems with speech and eating/drinking. There is no treatment that will permanently eradicate these lines. Permanent fillers such as silicone would be used as an off-label, nonFDA approved use, and there might be a reaction in the future such as lumps that would have to be surgically removed. Resurfacing with a Fraxel Repair laser, dermabrasion or the original carbon dioxide laser can be used with improvement, but you have to realize you will still have some lines, and you may develop a lighter skin color in the treated area.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Juvederm For Lip Lines

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Juvederm will "help" the lip lines present in your upper lip, with most of the benefit being achieved along the vermillion border (junction of red and white lip); over aggressive filling of these lines can lead to a ridging effect. Given the depth of your lip lines, the sun damage present, etc., you may want to consider a skin resurfacing procedure (fractionated CO2 laser) for a more substantive result. A better result equates with more downtime. Evaluate your concerns, the type of result you want, and your tolerance for downtime before seeing a facial Plastic surgeon.

It is an option

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Juvederm can improve scars and lip lines. The benefit will last about 6 months ina mobile area like the mouth, and longer in the scar.

You should consider fractional CO2 laser resurfacing as an option for both problems since the benefit would last longer.

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