Juvederm Vs. Juvederm Ultra Plus

For adding volume to face, what do you recommend? Juvederm, or Juvaderm Ultra Plus?

I'm going to have it for fat loss below the cheeks and not for wrinkles. What exactly are the differences between the two fillers?

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Juvederm Ultra Plus is a more crosslinked and sturdier version of Ultra, used for deeper lines

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Thank you for your question.

Juvederm and Juvederm Ultra are hyaluronic acid products that are crosslinked to provide stability and viscosity. Juvederm Ultra is less crosslinked and is primarily used to fill more superficial lines and areas of slight volume loss. Ultra is injected into the higher parts of the dermis allowing for more visible correction of slighter and more subtle lines. The Ultra Plus product is more crosslinked with a higher viscosity, stability, and filling ability; and is used to fill more deeper lines and areas of great volume loss. Ultra Plus is injected into the mid and deep dermis allowing for greater volume deposition over a greater area.

For the areas you described, Juvederm Ultra Plus would be the better choice. You may also want to consider Radiesse, or even Sculptra. If you do consider other fillers, make sure you understand the advantages, disadvantages, and effect time frame as they will differ.

Good luck!

Beverly Hills Dermatologist

Juvederm Vs. Juvederm Ultra Plus

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 I do quite a bit of facial shaping using both fillers (Perlane and Juvederm Ultra Plus) and Cheek Implants for a permenent effect.  IMHO, Juvederm or even Juvederm Ultra are too thin and are not menat to be injected within the fat layers where facial shaping using fillers occurs.  Use a deeper, thicker filler like Ultra Plus or Perlane.

 IMO, Facial Shaping and Facial Contouring does require an understanding of the proper aesthetics of facial beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attractive face.  When these facial aesthetic principles, are violated, the face can become over-filled, bloated and distorted, IMHO.

Juvederm ultra vs ultra plus

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The juvederm ultra plus is a larger particle size hyaluronic acid that is good for building up flattened areas and will last about 9-12 months.

Fat loss below the cheeks

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Juvederm Ultra Plus, a thicker material would be more appropriate for volume correction of the cheek area. Other options to consider include Radiesse, Sculptra and FAMI (fat transfer).

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

Juvederm Ultra Plus for adding volume to face.

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Hi! This material is great for filling deflated areas like the cheeks. It is thicker and lasts longer (up to a year).

For superficial wrinkles, I recommend Restylane, which is a more forgiving hyaluronic acid filler.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Juvederm Ultra Plus is superior for volume replacement

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Juvederm Ultra Plus is a robust product that is used for volume replacement. It is more crosslinked and lasts longer than Juvederm Ultra, which we primarily use for line filling.

Juvederm Ultra Versus Juvederm Ultra Plus For Volume Replacement in the Face

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Hi Cautious,

Juvederm Ultra Plus is a thicker form of hyaluronic acid and will give you longer lasting and fuller volume correction for what you desire.

Be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Comparing: Juvederm vs. Juvederm Ultra Plus

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Both Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus are hyaluronic acid fillers. Both fillers are associated with excellent clinical results and high levels of patient satisfaction.
Although Ultra and Ultra Plus have many similarities, important differences exist between them. Juvederm Ultra is a thinner, smoother, silkier hyaluronic acid formulation that’s used for more superficial injections. It typically last for 6 to 9 months. In contrast, Ultra Plus has more cross links within the hyaluronic acid and as a result is thicker and last for longer periods of time. This solution is often used for deeper injections and volume replacement.
If you’re considering Juvederm injections it’s important to consult a board certified plastic surgeon. In your case, where your primary concern is loss of volume of the cheek area, Juvederm Ultra Plus is probably the best treatment option.

Consider Voluma instead

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You should consider VOLUMA instead, one of the latest products in the Juvederm family. Currently, it is the only product available today that is specifically designed to restore facial volume lost over time and is the first of its kind.

Juvederm vs Juvederm Ultra Plus

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 Ultra-plus is injected deeper into the skin because it has  more cross-linking, is more viscous and can last longer.  It is an excellent  filler for the cheeks.  For significant hollows in the cheeks, consideration for  malar or sub-malar cheek implants for permanent augmentation. For more information, diagrams and our  before and after  cheek implant photo gallery, please see  the link below

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