1 week post op of Juvederm injected into lips, I see no difference. Is this normal? (photo)

I got a full syringe of Juvéderm injected into my lips a week ago. My lips now look no different than they looked before the syringe. I went back in and the nursr said that she sees a difference… But I do not. I left without getting any more injected. I have included pics that I took. The top is before and the bottom is after 1 full syringe of Juvederm after about a week. I would like at least the results I paid for. Should I ask her to inject more? If so- is it understood that I pay for more? Or was this possibly an injection error that should be comped?

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1 week post op of Juvederm injected into lips, I see no difference. Is this normal

Thank you for your question.  I do see a difference.  There is more fullness in your bottom lip compared to the top. I do see the outline of your upper lip was injected.  Some patients will need more then 1 syringe.   Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.  Best Wishes

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1 week post op of Juvederm injected into lips, I see no difference. Is this normal?

You have full lips to begin with, I do see a slight difference comparing the top and bottom picture, if you’re wanting a fuller, pouty look I would suggest having a second syringe done 

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Juvederm Injections to the Lips

Dear Eyesandlips, A full syringe of Juvederm is typically plenty to see changes and fullness to the lips if injected properly. I  do see some slight changes in the bottom photograph with some more fullness laterally on the lower lip and a touch more fullness at the border of the upper lip. With that said, it is very minimal however I personally would not recommend having anymore injection at this time as your lips appear to look full. With injections you really want to make sure that the patient has a natural looking appearance and that you do not overfill. You can always add more at a later date if you are still unhappy and perhaps you may consult another treating physician. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Juvederm lip injections

I see a small change, but no, it's not drastic. Remember that 1cc of Juvederm is less than 1 teaspoon of material. If you want a lot of plumping, you need more. You would be expected to pay for more if that is what you desire. Not everyone will get the same results with a single syringe, but many expert injections can make a single syringe go a lot further than a more inexperienced injector. Results are very much injector dependent.

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Juvederm in lips

Dear Eyesandlips,

  • You should look at before and after pics for comparison
  • Sometimes, especially of the lips are very thin, it is hard to see the difference, and you may need more
  • The best way to tell are those pics

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Juvederm Lip Injections

Thank you for your question. A slight difference can be seen from your photograph. However, if you want fuller lips, then more Juvederm can be injected. Please follow up with your injector. Best of Luck!

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I can definitely see a difference from your before and after pictures. You have naturally full lips i don't think i would recommend you get more product injected. 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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I do see a difference.  You have quite nice lips to begin with.  I would warn against too much though, as your lips are very nice already.

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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1 week post op of Juvederm injected into lips, I see no difference. Is this normal?

Looking at your photo, there is a subtle change following the treatment. In general, a conservative lip augmentation appears most natural. It is possible to have a touch up after your first treatment if you wish to make further changes. I would recommend following up with your provider regarding this option and see what he/she recommends. I hope this information helps, and I wish you the best of luck. 

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Juvederm Injection to the Lips

Thank you for sharing. In some cases -- albeit rarely -- fillers simply don't last very long.  These products are biological compounds and your body absorbs them with an enzyme.  Some patients seem to metabolize fillers (hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane) much faster than others.  If that is the case for you, there are other options, including fat grafting and lip implants.  Best of luck moving forward!

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