Fillers for 18-year-old with oral commissures? (photos)

I'm only 18, but I have marionnete lines that are getting a lot worse. Would fillers like juvederm or restylane solve the problem? I'm female, by the way.

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Improving marionette lines/folds

If I could see the rest of your pretty face I would look at your upper cheek, and see if you have any thinning or flattening of your upper cheek.  Often placing the filler in your medial upper cheek will lift both the nasolabial and marionette lines together, and then a smaller amount of filler may or may not be needed in the lateral chin to diminish the groove.  The cheeks tend to sink from bone resorption and skin laxity with age;  though you being so young, it may just be familial and structural.  Juvederm Ultra Plus or Voluma can be used for the cheek lift, and Juvederm again in the lateral chin to diminish the marionette lines even further.

Sandy Dermatologic Surgeon
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Filler in the Lines Around The Mouth (Marionettes)

Fillers can be used to harmonize your jawline and lip corners to the rest of your face, however you are a little young to be considering these treatments.  The good news, is the treatments are reversible if you do not like, and there is very little risk of any complications if done by a experienced injector.  I agree that juvederm or another hyaluronic acid (HA) would be best, as it is already a natural component of your skin.  Radiesse, which is not reversible, along your jawline may also help give lift and support the overlying soft HA type filler.  Seek an expert consult if you are interested in treatments.  I wish you the best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Juvederm or Voluma may improve cheek and fold junction

Although 18 is young, fillers can be used for improving the marionette line area. Juvederm directly can support, but Voluma in the medial cheek may camouflage the area too.
Remember filers are by the syringe rather than the correction or area, and may take more than one syringe.
Avoid aspirin, or ibuprofen for 2 weeks before to minimalize bruising and there may be some swelling.
The fillers last about one year. Juvederm is reversible so if you did not like the result it can be dissolved but you would have spent the money.

Benjamin Van Raalte, MD
Davenport Plastic Surgeon
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Fillers for an 18 year old

Your face looks totally smooth and wrinkle free.You do not have marionette lines. In the photo your mouth is slightly downturned which can give the appearance of marionette lines. 
At age 18 , I am concerned that you are not happy with your appearance. I do not think the filler will make you happy.  I suggest you start with the happiness component.

Susan Goodlerner, MD
Torrance Dermatologist
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Fillers for oral commissures and marionette lines

You are quite young for such a treatment, although some filler in the Marionette area and the upper cheek may be helpful to give you what you're looking for. Juvederm or Restylane are nice options, effective and safe, and completely reversible if you weren't pleased with the filler for some reason (quite rare).

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon
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Juvederm for 18 year old

Your lines are there but you are a very pretty young lady so I am not sure you need any treatment.  Nevertheless if you wish  one of the hyaluronics could be tried.    Juvederm ultra plus is a good choice.   If you do not like the result it can always be removed with enzyme.   If you are pleased with the result you could add additional Juvederm only when needed.    Another option would be to use a shorter acting hyaluronic such as Belotero.    This would give you a shorter duration trial period to see how you felt about the treatment.   Be sure and choose an MD experienced with injecting his own Juvederm and possibly Belotero. My Best,  Dr C

George Commons, MD
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon
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A small amount of product used to the marionette lines can help to decrease the lines.

A small amount of product used to the marionette lines can help to decrease the lines. Schedule an appointment with an experienced injector to obtain a accurate assessment. Discuss your expectations.

Thank you for your questions.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Fillers for 18-year-old with oral commissures?

Worth a try... I prefer Juvederm XC, you may need two syringes. Fee in $1,000 range. Best to obtain in person evaluations... 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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