What happens if you smoke weed after an epistaxis and septoplasty surgery?

I recently had an endoscopic control epistaxis surgery, along with a septoplasty surgery. 2 days after the surgery I smoked marijuana, only 3 hits. The only thing that changed was a bit of swelling but the doctor said that was normal. I am very worried and don't know what to do, I don't feel any pain at all. I'm not sure if it's infected or not because I don't know what an infected nose looks like.

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Smoking after surgery

Thanks for your question. Fortunately the only damage is likely some mild irritation from the smoke. There is very little inherently dangerous about marijuana and nasal surgery other than some irritation and mild swelling from the smoke itself. General speaking smoking is discouraged around the time of nasal surgery, however this is mainly due to the vasoconstrictive effects from nicotine and tobacco smoke. The same risk is not been demonstrated with marijuana. You are probably more at risk of falling and hurting your nose or forgetting that you had surgery and bumping it however, so still not recommended, but your results should not be affected.  Hope this helps.

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Smoking of any kind is not recommended after any nasal surgery.  It can cause dryness and irritation to the mucosa and increase your chances of bleeding.  In addition, it can negatively impact your wound healing capabilities.  I would recommend that you don't smoke during the recovery period and make sure to follow up with your surgeon.

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