Full Face and Neck Lift 3 Months Ago. Jowls Have Come Back?

I now see my jowls have come back. I am sooo upset. This is what bothered me the most. I am seeing my Dr. next week. Any suggestion's? Is this normal? I want him to make it better. Can he? What if he does not agree? If he does will I have to go thru it all again?

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Early return of jowls after facelift

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Without photos, it is difficult to determine what areas of your face were lifted. But It sounds like your full facelift and necklift addressed : tightening neck, smoothing the jowls and lifting the cheeks. Any eyelid or forehead work would not affect the jowls.

The type of lifting procedure depends on how "saggy" the jowls are before surgery. Usually to lift the jowls, the deeper SMAS tissue to the skin needs to be tightened.

However, I would return to your plastic surgeon and review any improvement by before and after photography. Then you can discuss with your provider non-surgical and surgical options to reach your expectations and a satisfactory result.

Naples Plastic Surgeon
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Full Face and Neck Lift 3 Months Ago. Jowls Have Come Back?

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Jowling should not return so soon after a facelift.  The question is why type of facelift did you have?  Were the muscles tightened?  If so, you should not have the jowls come back at 3 months.  I see this sometimes with patients that go and have some type of mini lift or weekend lift where they only work on the skin.  You definitely need to discuss this with your surgeon.

Rigo Mendoza, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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Jowls back 3 months after facelift?

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Dear Samonyx,

Thank you for your question.  This depends on a lot of factors.  When you say 'full face lift' was it a SMAS facelift?  Skin if pulled tight can temporarily pull on your facial contours just like you do when you pull on your skin in the mirror.  But this is only temporary.   As the skin stretches, it looses this effect.   A long lasting effect includes muscle lifting rather than just skin tightening.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Return of jowls three months after facelift demands investigation.

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There is always some fallback after the facelift but this should be modest and certainly not expected to three months. I definitely would take this up with your surgeon.

Jowls came back after facelift and necklift?

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Hello, and sorry to hear you are not happy with your result. Your jowls will not spontaneously "come back" after 3 months. It is possible your jowls were not addressed properly in the first place. What was the plan you and your surgeon discussed ahead of time? I would suggest communicating your concern to your surgeon, and ask what exactly was performed in the operating room if you do not know already. To advise on whether or not this is "normal" would require more information about your surgery. It can be made better with a revision procedure if the initial problem was not addressed. If he does not agree, then there is a miscommunication between the two somewhere. If you and your surgeon both decide a touch up would be necessary to obtain your desired result, then this would be the next step to take. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

Disappointing face lift

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Thank you for asking about your face lift result.

  1. Face lift swelling subsides over 3-6 months and tissues will look looser.
  2. Final results vary with age, weight, smoking, tissue strength, surgical technique and complications to mention a few factors.
  3. The many face lift variables mean results aren't guaranteed.
  4. Early return of jowls can occur - depending on your situation.
  5. Discuss your face lift concerns with your surgeon to work out together what is happening and what might be done. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Return of Jowling after Facelift

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It is normal for changes to occur during the first few months after facelift. Sometimes, the face is a little too tight initially and during the maturation and healing, the desired natural look develops. If significant jowling recurs after only 3 months, then there will be more after 9 months. I would discuss your concerns with your facelift surgeon to understand if revision surgery is advisable.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
Worcester Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Jowls Returning soon after a facelift

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If jowls are returning this is concerning.  Did you have a real facelift or on of the many variations of MINI?   I am not a fan of minis which do little and often cost a lot.  Certainly jowls are one of the main targets of a facelift.  Talk to your surgeon and be adamant that you and unhappy and need explanation and advice.  Possibly waiting till you are past 6 months is not unreasonable but then, if jowls are  still present action can be taken.  In such cases many surgeons do not have additional charges.  My best  Dr C.

Disappointment after surgery

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I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your experience. You should calmly discuss your concerns with your surgeon. It is probably too early for any type of revision but if one becomes necessary you should expect to have to pay for the facility fees. Your surgeon will probably not charge for professional fees. Hang in there.

You see facelift result in one month.

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Unfortunately, if you are not happy at three months, you are not going to be happy.  There is no way for us to know what went wrong.  Jowls should be well corrected.  I am sure a good revision in a few months should work.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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