Bad Smell in Between Tooth, and Light Pain when I Get Food Stuck?

Hello. I had a root canal about 6 months ago and they just recently put my crown on. Before all if this ,my tooth was abseced and it smelled horrible. Now that I got the perm crown put on, it still hurts when food gets caught in there and it still smells when I rub my tooth and floss. Why is this ? My dentist told me it might need to heal more? But for all the money I paid I didn't expect pain and smell

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Gums hurt and smell bad

Hello, and thanks for your question.  If food continues to get caught in the areas between your teeth, that is definitely a possible culprit for what you've been experiencing.  When food gets caught and is not removed, the bacteria causes odor, as well as tenderness of the gums.  It's possible that the areas between your teeth are "too loose", and checking with your dentist will help determine the next course of action and possibly "tightening" those areas so that food doesn't get caught anymore.  Thanks for your question!

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Food Stuck?


When was your last cleaning and periodontic exam? What you are describing can be caused by many factors. Some factors might include gum disease or too much space between the crown and adjacent tooth. A second opinion can  be your best friend. Hope this helps! 

Dr. Morrone

Frank Morrone, DDS
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Bad smell

Foul smell and/or bleeding are usually indicative of gum inflammation or decay.  Also, food getting stuck between the crown and adjacent tooth is due to open contact. This should not be.  Either have the crown replaced with better contacts, or have a filling placed/replaced on the adjacent tooth to achieve appropriate contact

Murray Bruckel, DDS
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Smell around your tooth?

There should be no smell perhaps you have gum disease or the contours of you new crown need to be addressed or the crown is not sealed or your doing a poor job cleaning your teeth good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD   CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
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Nasty smell

Pretty simple cause. In simple terms it is called an open contact. When the contact between teeth is not tight or solid, food is forced between the teeth causing pain and odor. Issue is crown does not fit correctly and should be remade at no charge. Best of luck, Marty Gorman,DDS 

Martin Gorman, DDS
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Bad Smell and Pain in-between Teeth

First of all, food should not be getting caught in-between the new crown and your adjacent tooth. The gum should not bleed, smell or hurt.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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Bad Smell Around Tooth

Something is not right and you should adress your doctor again wth your concerns. The original infection may need further treatment if it still has not cleared up.

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