Why Are Jaw Implants Such an Uncommon Procedure?

After getting a chin implant one month ago, which I really like, I'm now considering getting jaw angles implants. Here in Europe, it is really uncommon to find a surgeon who's familiar with this procedure and there in the US, it looks like there are only a few surgeons nationwide who do them, and still it is not as frequent as chin implants.I think if well done, jaw implants bring dramatic changes to one's face - maybe more than what chin implants do.

Are they uncommon because they're somehow more problematic? Is flying to the US a good idea (possible post complications)? Thanks.

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Jaw implant procedures

There are several complications that can occur with jaw implants such as infection, rejection, migration, encapsulation, and slippage. If you are going to fly to the United States to have one of these implants placed, you should stay near your surgeon for at least two weeks prior to returning to your home country. It is important to do follow up appointments with your surgeon to make sure the implant is in the proper position and there are no postoperative complications.

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Jaw implants are not used often because most people don't need them.

Most people don't need these because this is usually not a frequent problem. Chin augmentation is more common because there is a significant part of the population that have weak chins.

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Jaw implants are more difficult to do

I have patients from europe flying quite often for different procedures. I do find that I get a fair amount of lateral jaw implants procedures requested from people from the european countries. They are difficult to do in some sense and that may be the reason. We are used to having people come from out of town and can make the whole process easier for you.
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