Cellulaze Vs Slim/ Smart Lipo?

Hi I was wondering how does Cellulaze differ from Slim/Smart Lipo? Both some what consists with a lasar melting fat and that same lasar to the skin for a skin tightening effect each at different frequency, so what makes cellulaze so much better?

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Cellulaze vs Smart Lipo. How Are They Different?

Interesting question. Today I did both on the same patient. She had saddlebags and extra fat on the posterior thigh, and grade II (mild) cellulite on the upper lateral thigh/hip area. Cellulaze involves the use of a special laser fiber that fires sideways. It is used close to the undersurface of the skin to cut the tethering fibrous bands when it is moved back and forth in the side-firing direction, and to tighten the skin when it is used facing upwards against the undersurface of the skin. This is done under computer control that prevents the local temperature from exceeding whatever it is set for, in this case between 42 and 45 degrees centigrade. Smart Lipo is used on the same platform (Cellulaze is an add-on upgrade to the Smartlipo Triplex platform) but with a fiber that radiates in all directions. It is used deeper to melt the fat throughout the subcutaneous space. So first step was to do the Cellulaze and free up the skin, release the bands and tighten the skin. Then the standard Smart Lipo laser fat melting was done deeply, and then the treated, melted fat was gently extracted with a blunt, multi-hole cannula. Now that we have had almost two years of experience with Cellulaze, I can extend the indications to do both at the same time, Cellulaze and laser-assisted Smart Lipo liposuction. When we first started out, I only did one one or the other at the same time. It can really improve the result of Cellulaze cellulite treatment to add lipo, either at the same time or later.

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Cellulaze is not for lipo but for cellulite

Cellulaze is the FDA approved one time definitive treatment for cellulite.  Cellulaze utilizes a 1440 nm wavelength laser to accomplish 3 things:  1) melt away fat bulging out 2) break up fibrous septae (attachments) that create the indentations and 3) help thicken the dermis (skin) to prevent future recurrence.   The procedure can take between 60-90 minutes and can be completed under local or just IV sedation (depending on the length of your procedure and number of areas being treated). To see your final results takes between 3-6 months. You can visit the cellulaze . com website to learn more about the procedure. Best of luck!

Dr. Basu
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Cellulaze is not for liposuction

If you truly have cellulite, the cellulaze may be a good option for you. Cellulaze uses a laser under the skin to attack the anatomic causes of cellulite. It is a minimally invasive procedure that takes 1-2 hours and can be safely done  under local or just IV sedation.  It is an FDA approved treatment for cellulite and requires only one treatment.  Hope this is helpful.

Dr. Sugene Kim

Cellulaze vs SmartLipo. What's the Difference?

While the treatments sound similar in that they both use a laser to "melt" fat and tighten skin, they are designed to treat different conditions. Smart Lipo is a body contouring device and uses a laser to destroy fat cells deep below the skin as part of a liposuction procedure to change your shape or contour. It has some benefits over traditional liposuction in that the same laser can be used close to the surface of the skin to heat the dermis and get extra skin tightening. 

The Cellulaze device was developed by the same company (Cynosure) that makes SmartLipo. Cellulaze is specifically designed to just treat Cellulite. It uses the same wavelength of laser light as SmartfLipo but the laser fiber was modified to split the Laser beam so that half the energy goes straight ahead, and half the energy is directed off at a 45 degree angle. This modified laser fiber is then used to do a small amount of fat melting just below the surface of the skin, but more importantly for cellulite treatment, it is used to divide the fibrous bands that dimple the skin, and it is used to direct more energy at the underside of the skin to get enhanced skin tightening. Cellulaze can be used with SmartLipo to combine the optimal benefits of both devices.

Cellulaze and Smart Lipo can be performed with the same Smart Lipo Triplex Laser but different fibers/wavelengths are used

Cellulaze and Smart Lipo can be performed with the same Smart Lipo Triplex Laser but different fibers/wavelengths are used. Smart Lipo is used when a patient needs fat reduction and skin tightening. Cellulaze is a three part process for each 5 cm x 5cm sector a Cellulite. First I will melt the bulging fat, then I will release the septae, and then I will treat the skin

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The difference between Cellulaze and Smartlipo

Thank you for your question.  I can tell you have done your research and are asking a very good question.  The technology between Smartlipo and Cellulaze are very similar.  In fact, the company (Cynosure) sells them both together within the same unit. 

Some similarities:

  • They both use a 1440 nm laser wavelength to target fat reduction (Smartlipo > Cellulaze).
  • They both use a safety device called Thermaguide to constantly monitor the temperature underneath the skin.  (The Thermaguide is a must for patient safety in my opinion.) 
  • They both use a very tiny laser canulla to perform the procedure underneath the skin. 
  • They both can be performed under local anesthesia if requested.
  • They both create skin tightening (Cellulaze > Smartlipo).
  • They both have a relatively fast patient recovery.

Some differences:

  • The key difference between Smartlipo and Cellulaze is the ability of the Cellulaze laser fiber to split the laser energy at a 90 degree angle.  This allows the surgeon to direct the laser energy in different directions to accomplish different goals.
  • With Cellulaze, the directional side firing laser allows for better skin tightening and, most importantly, the ability of the laser to cut the fibrous bands that are causing the indentations seen in cellulite.
  • The new Smartlipo Triplex has two additional laser wavelengths (1064 nm and 1320 nm).  Two wavelengths can be used during the same procedure using the new Smartlipo Triplex laser.  The 1440 nm wavelength has a much greater ability to reduce fat and the 1064 nm wavelength targets blood vessels to significantly reduce the amount of bruising.
  • Since Cellulaze does not have the 1064 nm wavelength, there is more bruising than with Smartlipo.

There are more similarities and differences between Smartlipo and Cellulaze but these are the most important.  I hope this helps.

Best wishes! 

Dr. Vinyard

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Smart Lipo vs. Cellulaze

Smart lipo and Cellulaze address two different complaints.  Cellulaze is for Cellulite.  The side firing laser cannula is used to cut through the fibers and bands that cause dimpling, as well as address distinct areas of lumpiness and lastly, tightens the skin.  Think of Smart Lipo as laser assisted liposuction for body contouring and some mild skin tightening as well. Smart Lipo by itself does not address cellulite or the fibrous bands that cause the classic cellulite dimples.  Some patients can actually benefit from a combination of both treatments for overall smoothing and fat reduction.

Dr. Grant Stevens   

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Cellulaze vs Smart Lipo

Thanks for your questions.


Smart Lipo is used to treat lipodystrophic (fatty deposits) areas of the body, sich as the upper arms, abdomen, chin, etc.  Although it does use the smae wavelength as Cellulaze for the deeper treatment, It changes the wavelength for the skin tightening portion of the procedure in order to decrease the amount of bruising.

Cellulaze is for the treatment of cellulite.  It is the first FDA approved minimally invasive, one-time treatment for cellulite.  It utilizes a 1440 nm side-firing laser fiber optic to treat the three main causes of cellulite:  It breaks down the fatty bulges, then cuts the fibrous septae that cause dimpling, then finally stimulates the dermis to shrink and thicken in order to improve the look of you cellulite areas.

Good luck in your endeavors!

Robert Kratschmer, MD

SmartLipo versus Cellulaze

You are correct that both Cellulaze and SmartLipo use a laser to help melt fat and to tighten skin.  However, the type of laser, the delivery of the laser, and the depth of treatment varies. 


In Cellulaze, there is only one laser type available for the treatment.  The wavelength is very good at melting fat.  In the newest edition of SmartLipo, there are two additional laser wavelengths available for treatment.  These additional lasers help tighten skin and prevent bruising. 


The delivery of the laser is very unique in Cellulaze.  The laser not only comes out of the end of the fiber, but it also comes out of the side of the fiber.  This unique design allows treatment in several planes and allows for cutting of the fibers that cause dimpling in cellulite.


Finally, in Cellulaze, the depth of the treatment is very shallow.  Cellulite's structure is limited to anatomy directly below the skin.  With SmartLipo, treatment of some of the deeper fat is done to allow for better body contouring.

Naveen Setty, MD
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Cellulaze and Smartlipo-What's the Difference?

Cellulaze was designed to specifically address the anatomy of cellulite while Smartlipo was designed to address fatty deposits associated with loose skin.  Cellulaze can be aimed at the fat, the skin or the bands that cause the dimples via a laser that fires at right angles.  Smartlipo has the same wavelength but aims straight ahead at the fat and indirectly against the skin.  Cellulaze is used quite superficially while Smartlipo is usally used more deeply.  They are both made by the same company, Cynosure.

Theodore Diktaban, MD, FACS
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