Cellulaze Size Effects?

I have read 2 cases on realself about cellulaze side effects. one complained of saggy skin/saggy butt, lose of volume on her butt after the procedure. the second complained of broken veins after the procedure that she didn't have before. Does this happen often? I develped matting after getting sclerotherapy on the front my calf that I cannot get rid of. I am concerned with that happening after the procedure. Also if my butt is not firm now will it be worse after cellulaze?

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Side effects of Cellulaze

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Thanks for your questions and concerns about Cellulaze.  A loss of volume should not occur with Cellulaze, unless it was used improperly or there was an adjunct procedure  (e.g. liposuction) done concurrently with the procedure.  The sagging skin, too, appears to sound like more was done than said, as Cellulaze will tighten the skin.  Bruising is signifcant with cellulaze, and can have persistent discoloration, which can require non-invasive treatments to resolve them.  Arnica topically appears to decrease the amount of bruising after the procedure.

I would still recommend Cellulaze for the treatment of your cellulite.  Cellulaze is the first FDA-approved one time, minimally invasive treatment to improve the appearance of cellulite.  It uses a 1440 nm wavelength side-firing laser fiber optic to treat all anatomic causes of cellulite - bulges from fat deposits, dimples from fibrous bands, and also tighten the skin to improve the shape to the problem areas.

Good luck!

Cellulaze side effects

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The laser can affect the fat cell volume - this is why it helps with the bumps of cellulite - so it is possible to lose volume if the technology is used in areas where any fat loss is not desired.  Any procedure resulting in bruising and swelling can result in broken blood vessels, but both of these side effects are rare. 

Side effects after Cellulaze treatment

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Cellulaze is a laser procedure that treats Cellulite from under the skin surface.  It is specifically targetting the bands that cause dimpling of the skin.  It is not recommended that liposuction or fat removal be performed in the same area at the same time.  This may account for someone getting sagging of the skin in that area.  Cellulaze should actually tighten up the skin in that area through the laser effects.  People do develop alot of bruising after the procedure and there may develop some small spider veins in the area treated but this is true of any invasive procedure in that area and is uncommon.

Paul M. Glat, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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Side effects after Cellulaze

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Cellulaze is a minimally invasive procedure with little side effects. You may be slightly swollen and bruised after the Cellulaze procedure, which is normal. Follow up with your surgeon to be sure you are healing properly.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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I would recommend you learn more about Cellulaze - the FDA approved one time definitive treatment for cellulite.  Cellulaze utilizes a 1440 nm wavelength laser to accomplish 3 things:  1) melt away fat bulging out 2) break up fibrous septae (attachments) that create the indentations and 3) help thicken the dermis (skin) to prevent future recurrence.   The procedure can take between 60-90 minutes and can be completed under local or just IV sedation (depending on the length of your procedure and number of areas being treated). To see your final results takes between 3-6 months. You can visit the cellulaze . com website to learn more about the procedure. Best of luck!

Dr. Basu
Houston, TX

Cellulaze Side Effects

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With most things in life, there can be too much of a good thing. Cellulaze is excellent for treating cellulite--the lumps, the dimples and the uneven texture.  If areas are treated too aggressively, too much fat can be lost resulting in volume loss or even saggy skin.  In the buttocks area especially, it is important not to treat excessively so we don't lose volume.  Any procedures involving bruising, or even every day injuries or trauma resulting in bruising, can result in new blood vessels appearing or matting.  These side effects are not common with Cellulaze but can be easily managed if they arise with laser vein therapy or sclerotherapy.

Dr. Grant Stevens

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