How Many Follow Up Appointments Are There After You Get Cellulaze and Smart Lipo?

I am scheduled to get cellulaze along with smart lipo but am moving out of state. How many appointments will I have to return for?

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Cellulaze and SmartLipo Follow-ups

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We usually like to see our patients 2 weeks after the procedure and then again at the three month mark. 

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Follow Up Appointments with Cellulaze and Smart Lipo

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We typically see patients one week following their Cellulaze or SmartLipo procedure and then again at three months and six months.  If you are planning to move out of state, make your plastic surgeon aware of your situation. The most important appointment will be the one week follow-up because most problems or questions would be present at that time.  Your plastic surgeon would most likely not require you to come back for your three of six month follow-up but would be available to you when it is convenient for you or if you have any problems or concerns at any time following your procedure.  Please talk to your own plastic surgeon about your situation and I am sure accommodations will made for your own particular situation.  Good luck to you. 

Follow up after Cellulaze and SmartLipo

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Every surgeon's follow up protocol after a procedure is different.  Generally, most surgeons will want to see you within the first week after the procedure.  After that, it can vary with some surgeons wanting to see you up to a year after the procedure.  If any complications do occur, it will usually show up in the first couple of weeks.

How Many Follow Up Appointments Are There After You Get Cellulaze and Smart Lipo

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At least one. But most need a few post operative visits to make sure things are progressing. Maybe you can be referred to a CELLULAZE certified doc in your new locale. 

Cellulaze recovery instructions.

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I see patients half a week to a week later. Then a month after that and then three months post-op. I also ask them to come back a year later for a final visit. The most important time is the first two weeks after the procedure.

Cellulaze post-op

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  • For this procedure, I would typically see patients at 2 weeks, 2 months, and 6 months
  • The results should continue to improve for 6 months, possibly longer

James Shaw, MD
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How many visits are required

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We generally like to see our patients the day after the procedure to see how they're doing and then a week after the procedure to remove any sutures.  After your initial post-operative care, then we like to see you at  3-4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, but these visits are not mandatory or essential to your outcome.  In some cases, patients actually fly in for surgery and leave agian within a few days and have any sutures removed when they return home.  Moving out of state following your procedure should be no problem at all.  (though you should avoid strenuous activity or exercise for the first 2 weeks following your procedure) 


Dr. Grant Stevens

Follow-up appointments after Cellulaze and Smart Lipo

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Hello and thank you for the question.  At our office, the follow-up visits are included in the procedure price, and are normally within the first week, one month, three month, six months, and one year.


Robert Kratschmer, MD

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