Is Any Filler Less Likely to Cause Bruising in the Lip Area?

I had restylane to fill upper lip/marionette wrinkles 6 mos ago. I got a hematoma from the dental block but I was VERY black and blue everywhere from my nose to my chin.Also, how much filler should I need? The lip wrinkles came out good but I was disappointed with the marionette lines. I don't think my doc used enough (my fault not his, I was on a budget) Thanks!!

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Is Any Filler Less Likely to Cause Bruising?

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It sounds like you developed a lot of bruising from the dental block given the extent of your bruising as opposed to the filler itself.  In the future, you may want to minimize this by avoiding any blood thinners like aspirin, fish oil, omega-3, flaxseed oil, vitamin e for 10 days prior to your injection.  You can also take oral arnica available from health food stores prior to injection to minimize bruising.  Your question in terms of fillers which cause less bruising would be to use either cosmoderm which is human collagen or prevelle silk which is a weaker hyaluronic acid filler than juvederm or restylane.  The downside of these two fillers is that they only last about 3 months.  Belotero, which will soon be available from Merz Aesthetics, is an HA filler that has less swelling and bruising also.

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Injector is mostly responsible for bruising after fillers. Blunt cannulas are the best way to avoid bruising.

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Most of the bruising one gets from dermal fillers is due to the hands of the physician administering the filler. Knowing the depth of injection, areas which vessels reside, and smooth injection technique will minimize the bruising. Adding lidocaine with epinephrine can decrease bruising. Applying ice during the procedure and for a couple hours afterwards will also help.

Blood thinners like aspirin, motrin, omega 3's, and several other herbal medications, coumadin, plavix, all will increase bruising. Limiting strenuous activity and heat exposure will decrease bruising. Some people are easy bruisers, even if they don't have a classifiable bleeding disorder.

I use a syringe for the lips. Another syringe or 2 is needed to fill marionette lines.

Update:  Blunt cannulas have completely changed the game now, less bruising, less swelling, less downtime.

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